Thank you for your interest in the arts in our community. Here is some information about our corporate sponsorship program for the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society. Our youth orchestras, under the direction of Conrad Dunn, perform three local concerts each season, and a youth musician performs a concerto at each of these concerts. Concerts are held in Box Elder County, Cache County, and Weber County – all areas from which our organization draws membership.


Our sponsors help to cover the costs of the auditorium space that we use (so that we don’t need to charge admission), as well as to cover the costs of orchestra music rentals for the concerto pieces. Sponsors’ logos are included in concert programs and website and sponsors are listed on news releases, announcement posters, social media, and in other communications to members’ families and to the community.

Our sponsorship for the logo in each program and on our website is $300 to $500 for the year. We are committed to offering our concerts free of charge to ensure everyone who wants to come, may come; and to fulfill our contract with the copyright organization ASCAP.

We understand that you have many worthy organizations to which you could contribute, and we are deeply grateful that you would consider contributing to ours.  Please contact the chairman of the board, Doris D'Asto, dorisadasto@gmail.com for more information or if you would like to be one of our sponsors.