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Grocery Store Gift Cards

Naomi Miles coordinates our grocery card program. If you would like more information, or to be included as one of the regular purchasers, please contact Naomi at 435.723.7617.  The cards work at any Smith’s or Smith’s Marketplace, including the pharmacy and gas pump, or at any Kent’s Market. This is an ongoing fundraiser. You can join anytime!


Participants buy gift cards for Kent’s or Smith’s and spend them like cash; our organization makes a percentage. Great for the grocery budget. ☺ 

Smith’s Community Rewards 

Sign in to with your rewards card and look at the left side of the “my account” page. Click “Inspiring Donations” then click “Enroll Now” and type “Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society” or “NJ978” then click the little button when our organization appears. Thank you! And consider purchasing Smith’s gift cards as well – the rate of return is much higher! 


This is so easy because each time you spend and scan your rewards card, we get a little kickback. But we need crowds of people to make a substantial return. Consider being part of that crowd! 

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