21 September 2018

Saturday - Sectional info

As promised, here is the (better late than never) note about sectionals tomorrow.

Brass and Woodwinds will go to their normal places for the first hour (we will show you). Strings will start in the cafeteria for scales, a short discussion of what to work on, and then will also split up for their own sectionals. Places for said sectionals to be announced at that time.

Thanks for your patience!


NUYS Important Announcements


1. I can accept membership forms tomorrow - Acceptance, Release and Payment forms, Retreat Permission slips, and payments via check or cash. If you are planning to use a card, you'll have to wait until the 29th. But the more forms and payments we collect tomorrow, the easier our registration will be during the parent meeting next week. If you didn't get the packet with all the forms, click here for access to the digital copy, or ask me for one tomorrow! 

2. Mr Dunn will be largely absent from rehearsal tomorrow due to the funeral of his brother-in-law, which was not planned until today. Our guest conductor will be Dr Eric Blanchard. I think you will enjoy his style! He's a great musician. 

3. We will be opening tomorrow's rehearsal with one hour of sectionals. Locations will be posted on the outside door as you walk in tomorrow morning. 

4. Goals for tomorrow's sectionals: watch for another email tonight! The plan is to split up the strings for that first hour. If you are a principal string player, let me know asap if you are not available tomorrow. 

5. As a follow up to Monday's email, the parties in the accident in the parking lot have been able to communicate with each other. Honesty is a great thing!

6. Use the Attendance form below if you will be absent, arriving late, or leaving early. It streamlines setup to know who will not be there! For filling out the form, there is no deadline. If you wake up sick, you can still fill it out then.

See you tomorrow morning! Doors will open at 8 am, come join the setup party!



17 September 2018

Accident in the Parking Lot

I received the following message from a student this morning.  Please reply to this email if you are the one needing to get in touch with this student. Your honesty is much appreciated! 

Thanks! -Julie

Last weekend in the symphony parking lot someone backed into the back of my car while I was in it. I waited for them to get out, because I couldn't park or I would have rocked back into their car, but they just sped off. I think the damage is minimal and I am planning on going to get it checked, but I would like to get this worked out "in house."

I know the license plate number and I don't want to make a big deal of it but I would like to have them pay for any damage.  



14 September 2018

Rehearsal tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that we are looking forward to xeeing you all tomorrow! Doors open at 8, and rehearsal begins at 8:30.

Let's make some music!



06 September 2018

Condolences to Mr Dunn and his family

Sending condolences to Mr Dunn and his family at this time. His father passed away on Sunday. I visited with him last night and he's hanging in there! 

The funeral is this Saturday.

And we will see you next Saturday, Sept 15, for our first rehearsal!

May the family be blessed at this time.



02 September 2018

Provisional Acceptance & Other Info


All students who have been offered provisional acceptance have been notified via email, so if you didn't receive a separate email and were wondering about that, you are officially "in".

Also, if you happen to have missed it, or if you auditioned online, the packet that was handed out at the auditions is also available online at:

There are two forms to fill out, and a chunk of information.

First rehearsal is Sept 15, and the parent meeting is Sept 29th.




01 September 2018

Audition Results


I hope I have sufficiently updated this email list so it goes to all the right people. Please let me know if you should be removed. 

New Concertmaster

Sarah Francis is a senior at Ogden High School. She is so excited for this new NUYS year to start. We couldn't be more pleased to introduce her as our 2018-19 concertmaster. 

The Roster - So Far

Recruit French Horns and Trombones! and Violas! (etc)

The roster is not yet in seating order. There are still a few auditions coming in, so we have chosen to leave it as is, and just sort it in alphabetical order by first name. There are a few provisional acceptances, but we have chosen to put them on the roster and contact them separately with any concerns. If you do not receive a separate communique from me, you are in the clear. *** This list was updated 9/17/2018 to reflect the current roster. ***

Abby Quintana, Cello
Abby Scott, Trumpet
Abigail Blanchard, Violin
Aleesa Barker, Viola
Alex Corrington, Cello
Alexis Jensen, Oboe
Allison Cook, Flute
Ally Bruner, Cello
Ambree Burggraaf, Harp
Amelia Merkley, Violin
Andrew Goodworth, Violin
Anjali Edwards, Violin
Anna Blanchard, Violin
Anna Rupper, French Horn
Annemieke Jensen, Violin
Anya Kay, Percussion
Ashley Montgomery, Clarinet 
Ayanna Briggs, Clarinet
Bailey Connell, Cello
Ben Woodland, Violin
Bethany Christensen, Violin
Braden Petersen, Cello
Brielle Webb, Cello
Brinley Billings, VIola
Cambria Farr, Clarinet
Camilla Burnett, Flute
Carter Johnson, Viola
Cassie Smith, Violin
Conner Mickelsen, Cello
Dallin Murrow, Cello
Dane Jensen, Viola
David Kobe, Cello
Dawson Pitcher, Trombone 
Daxton Stam, Bass
Eleanor Nelson, Oboe
Eliza Correa, Cello, Flute
Eliziabeth Black, Violin
Emma Tracy, Cello
EmmaLee Folsom, Viola
Erik Petersen, Viola
Erin Blanchard, Violin
Grant Christensen, Violin 
Hailee Dubovik, Cello
Hannah Harding, Oboe
Hannah Meeks, Violin
Hannah Peterson, Cello
Jacee Taylor, Viola
Jackson Neslen, Violin
Jacob Rockwood, Trumpet
Jayme Mylott, Cello
Jeremy Gerritsen, Violin
Jocinda Hales, Violin
Jordan Neslen, Violin
Joshua Ahlstrom, French Horn
Kaitlyn Farr, Flute
Katerina Mayerle, Violin
Kena Littlefield, Cello
Kitsel Lusted, Trumpet
Landyn Hinojosa, Violin
Lena Poulos, Violin 
Loni Funk, Tuba
Maggie White, Cello
Meaghan Hankins, Violin
Natalie Navarro, Violin
Natalie Nef, Violin
Nathan Goodworth, Cello
Nikei Bowen, Cello
Olivia Jensen, Cello
Olivia Johnsen, Violin 
Quin Powell, Violin
Rebecca Baysinger, Trombone
Rebecca Hales , Violin 
Sam Leake, Cello
Samantha Howell, Cello
Samuel Fowler, Violin
Sarah Francis, Violin
Sarah Jeppson, Violin
Sarah Rockwood, Violin
Shannon Blume, Cello
Stephen Hales, Violin
Sydney Neslen, Violin
Talmage Kay, Viola
Tyler Morgan, Bass
Zoie Horsley, Violin
Thank you all for your patience! Mr Dunn's father has been very ill, and he wanted you to know he appreciates everyone's patience at this time. 

Julie Gardner, Manager
Conrad Dunn, Conductor


31 August 2018

Audition Results: One More Day

Mr Dunn has asked me to let you know that he needs one more day!

Thank you for your patience. We should have a list out sometime tomorrow.

Warm Regards,
Julie Gardner, Manager

PS I also need to audit my email list; if you'd like to help with that, please hit reply and let me know if you should be removed! Thanks!


25 August 2018

Auditions 2018

Here is a link to the folder with all the audition packet papers.

Or, click on each link separately, below:

Thank you for auditioning!

Audition results will be published within the next 7 days via email and posted on the website. This may take some time. Please be patient!

If you do not receive notification, please contact Julie Gardner: info@NorthernUtahYouthSymphony.org or cell 435.740.4335.

Those selected to participate should:
  1. Return September 15 for our first rehearsal; arrive early to help set up and get warmed up for rehearsal (which runs 8:30-11:00 am).
  2. Plan to attend the Parent Meeting with your parents (student attendance encouraged but not required). It will be right after the first rehearsal, Sept 29, 11:15-12:00.
  3. Post the Calendar on the fridge, and subscribe to it on Google Calendar(updated regularly). As our calendar is subject to change, we recommend you check our online calendar regularly.
  4. Read Membership Info, Rules & Policies. Pay special attention to ways you might volunteer. Our Musical Community relies on kind folks' volunteer effort.
  5. Fill out the Acceptance, Release & Payment Form to be collected, with tuition, at the Parent Meeting.
  6. Fill out the Retreat Permission Form (even if you are unsure of your participation) to be collected at the Parent Meeting.

Julie Gardner, 435.740.4335


22 August 2018

Announcements and Audition Information

New Video
We have posted a supplemental video from the Audition Workshop. It's Eric Blanchard's breakout session and worth the 7 minutes - for string players too! Click here for the link.

Volunteer(s) Needed
This Saturday I need a parent (or parents) to be the hall monitor during auditions. You would be responsible for checking people in, handing out packets, and keeping things moving so I can be in the audition room. 

I have 7:20 am to noon covered, but would like someone else to cover 12:20 until 4 or 4:30 pm, (or) whenever auditions end. There will also be other adults in the hall. But I just need a person to smile, check people in, give them the packets, and encourage their efforts! 

The shift can also be split, so if you can only cover part of that, please let me know.

Audition Tips
  • Address & Map Link: Promontory School, 1051 W 2700 S, Perry UT 84302
  • Come 20-30 minutes before your assigned time.
  • Sign in at the table so
    our volunteer 
    monitor knows you
    have arrived

  • Take some time to go down the hall and warm up. Breathe. 
    Music stands will be available.

  • Arrive outside the audition room 1 or 2 minutes before your time... Be on deck!

  • We expect (with
     time schedule) to run ON TIME
    - or even early

  • We usually have a few walk-ins, and with the more expanded time schedule, we should be able to work them in.

Can't remember for sure when you signed up? I won't be sending postcards this year, so double check the schedule and make changes as needed. If you are having trouble editing, just text or email me and I'll take care of it for you. Some people have adjusted their time, so there are a couple prime spots that have opened up again!

Audition Conflicts
We really appreciate as many people as possible making the time to audition this week! However, we recognize that there are conflicts, especially with people who didn't know about the date change. We encourage you to contact us, and submit an "uncut" audition recording (audio or video) as soon as possible. Please upload to YouTube and set the privacy so only those with a link can view it, and then share the link with us. Be sure you have filled out the membership form. You can indicate in the comments that you can't make it to auditions and that you are sending a video link. Be sure to follow all the instructions on the NUYS Auditions page to cover all aspects of your audition requirements.
Concerto Auditions
Concerto Auditions were held last Saturday. Our adjudicators were so impressed with everyone's audition. To quote one of them, "It is an honor and a pleasure to help with the auditions. Each time I have done so, it has restored my faith in our wonderful kids!" Congratulations to each performer! You are all amazing! 

Our concerto performers this year will be:
  • Tyler Morgan, String Bass, Bottesini, Concerto No 2 in A Minor, 2nd Movement, November 2018 Concert
  • Allison Cook, Flute, Quantz, Concerto in G Major, 1st Movement, February 2019 Concert
  • Ambree Burggraaf, Harp, Dittersdorf, Concerto in A Major, 1st Movement, April 2019 Concert