Tuition / Membership Fees

Payment is due by October 1st. A $10 late fee will be assessed for all those not turning in their payment form by this deadline.  All tuition-paying members are eligible for Concerto Auditions. You will have the opportunity to pay your membership fees in person to our treasurer from 10:45 to 11:30 am, September 19th and 26th, 2020. Payment should be turned in with the payment form. If you can't pay during these times, you may also hand your payment with the form to your managing director. 

For details about each orchestra's meeting date and time, see our NUYS calendar or our NUYCO Calendar.
Tuition for the full year is as follows:
Description                   Fee
NUYCO                $125
NUYCO Retreat     $30     per student – in addition to tuition
NUYS                    $175
NUYS Retreat        $55     per student – in addition to tuition
NUYS Retreat Chaperones - Overnight fee is covered. Chaperones pay up to $25 additional for meals, depending on what meals they eat.
Family Cap          $275

Retreat Note: 
Due to the extraordinary situation this year, retreat format may be modified. 
Options include:
      Daytime only, no overnight
      Going at a later date (if they have space for us)
      Not holding retreat at all

Do not submit retreat payments at this time. 
Once we get started on the year, we will take a survey to ascertain whether we do the retreat. Camp UTABA is open to a limited number of guests, but with our smaller orchestra, there will not be a problem accommodating everyone. 
Camp Earley Park (NUYCO retreat venue) is closed.

For musicians joining after the parent meeting, membership fees are payable at the first rehearsal after a successful audition (or payment arrangements must be made at that time). 

Please make checks payable to Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society (LBSS).

If you use a check service from your bank or credit union, mail online checks to:
LBSS, PO Box 236, Brigham City UT 84302

We have set up an account through Givebutter where you can pay your tuition using a credit card, venmo, or paypal. There is a fee added on by Givebutter for using this service, but we made it available for your convenience. Go to or use the widget below to access this service. Please be sure to turn in your payment form separately.

(This tuition schedule was last updated September 11, 2020.)

A very limited number of scholarships are available for financial hardship or if you've been recruited as a hard-to-find instruments.
Scholarships must be applied for on an individual, not family, basis. 
In addition to the acceptance and payment form, please submit the scholarship application.

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