Members of Northern Utah Youth Symphony or Chamber Orchestra:
  • Have auditioned for membership.
  • Are generally 14-18 years old (NUYS), or 10-15 years old (NUYCO), currently attending high school, middle school, or junior high. Younger students are sometimes accepted based on ability.
  • Have at least three years (NUYS) or two years (NUYCO) experience on their youth symphony instrument.
  • Support their school music programs by enrolling in two trimesters or two semesters, or have contacted Youth Symphony personnel and discussed extenuating circumstances.
  • Are encouraged but not required to take private lessons.
  • Are extraordinarily committed musicians who come prepared to make fabulous music every week.
  • Are motivated towards excellence.
  • Learn their notes and rhythms at home (as the training orchestra, NUYCO has more sectionals than NUYS, and provides more support for learning notes and rhythms than NUYS).
  • Provide leadership in their school orchestra and band programs whenever possible. (Note: We strongly encourage but cannot legally require participation in school music programs; this is because of a Supreme Court decision related to a program like ours which is independent, not affiliated with a school district. Although the vast majority of our students participate in school programs, it is not required for membership.)

  • Musicians arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of rehearsal, help set up, are warmed up and ready to play by downbeat time, and stay for the entire rehearsal.
  • If, for any reason, musicians are unable to attend a rehearsal, must come late or leave early, they must clear this in advance with their manager by filling out our online attendance form
  • For NUYS contact Jayme Mckenna, info@northernutahyouthsymphony.org
  • For NUYCO contact Josie Anderson, chamber@northernutahyouthsymphony.org.
  • Our choices should reflect our level of commitment. High commitment levels are a requirement of membership in the Northern Utah Youth Symphony or Chamber Orchestra.
  • We assume that everyone is doing their best to attend all rehearsals. We know that there are circumstances when musicians must miss a rehearsal. All absences must be cleared with their orchestra manager (via text, phone call, email, or our new online form). 
  • Communication is the key to handling busy schedules. If a musician has absences that have not been pre-arranged, s/he may be asked by the conductor to sit in the back of the section or sit out the concert.
  • Being asked not to play in a concert does not entitle a musician to a refund of membership fees.

Rehearsal Guidelines
  • Arrive prepared: practice at home. Come mentally prepared to work hard and do your best.
  • Always bring music (do not rely on a stand partner to bring it for you), a pencil, and, if desired, a water bottle.
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Show proper respect to peers and to the conductors. Do not talk or visit during rehearsal time. When the conductor stops, listen. Visit with each other during the break.
  • Respect the school property & facilities. Be considerate of the custodians who care for the building.

Music Policy
  • Folders and music will be checked out to each musician.
  • The musician is responsible for that music; failure to return music will result in a $25 charge, or (if greater) the actual cost of the music, plus the cost of the folder ($12).
  • Music is due immediately following each concert before students leave for home that night, or according to instructions.
  • If a student happens to leave the orchestra between concerts, the top priority is to return the music and folder IMMEDIATELY.
  • New music will be checked out at the first rehearsal for the next concert.