01 April 2022

Early Rehearsal Tomorrow!

Hello NUYSO!

Tomorrow is early rehearsal schedule, however, Mr. Dunn thinks we need more rehearsal time so we are going to start at 7:00 am and go till 10:00 am.  I know it's early, but we can do it!

Here is the rehearsal order (no sectionals):
- Poet and the Peasant
- AMerican Salute
- Lord of the RIngs
- Beethoven (w/o soloist) - tuba and trombone are excused
- Vaughn Williams - winds/brass/percussion are excused

Let's make this rehearsal the best one yet! 

Over the last few weeks we have had several new members join us which is fabulous!  If you are new, and haven't turned in your paperwork, will you please bring that with you tomorrow.  I would much appreciate it. 

Before I end this message I just want to say....April Fools!!! We do have early rehearsal tomorrow but we will start at 8:00 am, not 7:00. We will still end at 10:00 am.  

See you all tomorrow!

Jayme McKenna | NUYS Managing Director

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