23 February 2022

This week - NUYCO

Hi families!

Solo Auditions:  Any NUYCO member can audition for a solo in Battalia, one of our concert pieces! There are two options for solos, both attached below. 

2nd mvt Battalia has all of the solos for that movement (3 violin solos, 2 viola, 2 cello, and 1 bass). You just pick the solo you would like to play! For example, there are three violin solos. Pick the one that you like, or audition for all three. 

4th mvt Battalia is a violin and bass solo. Sorry, violas and cellos, you missed out. :)

If you would like to audition for a solo, text or email me a video by Thursday (tomorrow) evening! If you upload it to Youtube or Google Drive, you will need to change the sharing settings so that anyone can view.

NUYCO Tour: We are contemplating going on a "tour" to Pocatello in May! Please fill out this short form letting us know what you think. Here's the form! This is for parents/guardians and specialists only. Whether you want your child to attend or not, I need you to fill this out. We need to be sure we have a balanced group. Thank you!

Practice Spots: In rehearsal on Saturday, Maestro is going to focus on the Hebrides and Battalia movements 1, 3, and 5. Practice those specifically!

See you on Saturday, 9:30 AM!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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