16 February 2022

NUYCO updates

Hey families, I forgot a few things in the email on Monday! Sorry!

Solo Auditions: We have solos in our new concert pieces! The members can audition if interested in being offered a solo. Anyone interested already has the music. The auditions will be held before rehearsal. Sign up here!

NUYCO Tour: We are contemplating going on a "tour" to Pocatello in May! Please fill out this short form letting us know what you think. Here's the form! This is for parents/guardians and specialists only.

Utah Symphony: The Utah Symphony is performing Carnival of the Animals! Maestro wanted to let you know about this because NUYCO may be performing Carnival of the Animals next year. It would be fun to hear the USO do it, too! Attached is a screenshot with more information.

I think that's everything. :) See you on Saturday! Remember to fill out the Attendance Form if you will be absent!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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