05 November 2021

Concert and Calendar Details - NUYCO

Hello! Here are all of the concert details I know you have been wishing for, along with important calendar items. :) Please email me if you have any other questions or concerns!

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4:30 Set up - we would appreciate the help!
(5:15 NUYS sound check)
6:00-6:30 NUYCO sound check. Please arrive earlier than that and be ready to go ON STAGE at 6:00. 
7:00 Concert begins!

We need help setting up at 4:30 (moving chairs and stands to stage, setting up the stage, etc.) We also need help striking the stage and auditorium after the concert (moving chairs and stands off the stage, picking up programs and trash, etc.) Sign up here!

Ogden High School, 2828 Harrison Blvd
Parking is available on both sides of the building, as well as alongside the bus roundabout along Harrison. However, the west doors by the roundabout will not be unlocked. 
The doors that WILL be unlocked are the south east doors with access through the courtyard from the north parking lot and the doors in the south parking lot by the sports fields.

Everyone, specialists included, wear WHITE on the top and BLACK on the bottom. That means boys wear a white dress shirt, a calm, not-distracting tie, black slacks, black shoes, and long black socks. Girls wear a white blouse/dress shirt, black skirt/slacks, black shoes, and long black socks/tights.

If you come at 4:30 to set up (thank you!), you may want to bring food. Food is only allowed in the hallways. And the only drink allowed in the building is water! 

Here ends the concert details. Please keep reading for calendar items!

Extra rehearsal: November 9, 5:30-7:00 PM, Promontory School - Maestro may cancel our participation in this, depending on how tomorrow's rehearsal goes. Stay tuned!
Concert: November 12, 7:00 PM, Ogden High School - sound check starts at 6:00 PM. Be early!
NO rehearsal: November 13, the day after the concert
YES rehearsal: November 20
NO rehearsal: November 27 (Happy Thanksgiving!)
YES rehearsal: December 4, 11, and 18
Christmas Party: December 18 - we need parent volunteers! Sign up here!
NO rehearsal: December 25 (Merry Christmas!) or January 1 (Happy New Year!)
YES rehearsal: January 8 

Whew, got that? See you tomorrow!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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