21 October 2021

Weekly Info - NUYCO

Hi families! We had a blast at the retreat. We missed the members who couldn't come, but we'll catch you next year! We also handed out t-shirts, either at the retreat or Saturday's rehearsal. Wear them around, show them off, recruit more players! :)

NUYCO Photo Album: Here are a few videos and pictures I took at the retreat! Check them out. It gives you a look at the 24 hours of semi-organized chaos. :) Photos from future rehearsals, parties, and concerts will also be added here.

Youtube Playlist: Maestro has uploaded full piece recordings of this concert's pieces. It may be helpful to listen to them when you practice!

Attendance Form: Please let me know if you won't be attending rehearsal! We base our rehearsal plans around the members who attend; if we plan sectionals and then the entire cello section is absent (without letting me know), we have a big problem! Here's a handy dandy link to the attendance form. Fill it out for the whole year. Or the night before. I don't really care. Just please fill it out. :) The link is always at the bottom of every email, as well!

Concert: The first concert is scheduled for November 12 at 7 PM at Ogden High School. Save the date! More info, of course, will be coming about parking, location, schedule, etc.

See you on Saturday, 9:30-11 AM! 

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