07 October 2021

NUYS - Concert Time Request & Other Details

Concert Time - Super Important!
Our concert is scheduled for November 12, which is a Friday, at Ogden High School. I have heard from one student who would need the concert to be later in the evening, at 7pm.  If you have a conflict with the concert being this late, I need to hear from you. This could mean you are in a pit orchestra that night, and you need the concert to be earlier in the evening instead of later. 

I strongly request you contact me ASAP regarding any insurmountable conflicts. A reply to this email would be fine.

Additional details 
I will be sending additional emails this week regarding missing Shirt Orders (have you ordered yours? If not yet, click here for the t shirt order form). 

There are still medical forms needed so I can turn in food restrictions to the camp for retreat, and so we have your info in case of emergency during any other activities. Everyone who hasn't turned one in yet will be contacted separately.  

A few haven't taken care of their tuition and payment form. If you are one of those, please bring it Saturday!

Retreat is Oct 22-23. We are going! Yes! If you haven't already decided what you are doing, I need to hear from you. If you can't come to the whole 24 hours (preferred), you can come to part of it. But we have to know your plans, and will adjust your fee accordingly.

A rehearsal plan will be sent separately! 


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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