06 October 2021

NUYCO Retreat is on Friday! All the info here

If you are not attending retreat, disregard this email. Do not come to rehearsal on Saturday at Promontory! No one in NUYCO will be there. :)

Hello families! At long last, here is all the info you will need for the retreat THIS FRIDAY! Text (435.452.8173) or email me with questions!

-- Directions: Here are handy dandy directions for getting to the camp. 

-- Sleeping Info: At Camp Earley, everyone sleeps in one lodge. Girls on one side, boys on the other, with a line of adult chaperones down the middle.

-- Packing List: This won't be a comprehensive list. Bring anything else you think you might need. :)

-- Itinerary: Find the schedule here. Drop off is 5 PM on Friday; pick up is 5 PM on SaturdayYou are welcome to join us for the whole retreat or part of it! 

-- Check in: All NUYCO members will be checked in AND out by a parent or guardian. We will confirm that we 1) have your permission form, 2) your payment, 3) ask if you are sleeping over, and 4) get the parent/guardian's signature. If you carpool with someone besides your parent/guardian, please make sure I have all the forms and payments I need and that I know your sleeping arrangements! NUYCO members cannot attend retreat until we have the $30 retreat payment and the permission form. If you don't know if I have yours, *please ask*. :)

-- Carpool: I don't set up carpools. But if you would like to set up a carpool from Cache County or Weber County, etc., I am happy to send you contact info for other families who live in your area. This would need to be done before Friday. :) Adult specialists are not able to help with carpools, just NUYCO families.

-- Volunteers: We need at least one male to chaperone. Maestro West will be the other male chaperone. Please contact me asap if you are available! If you cannot do it the whole time, for only Friday evening or the overnight or Saturday, that is good too. Just tell me!

-- Food Offerings: Your $30 retreat payment goes towards the camp fee and the food, so we will be providing the meals. But we would welcome any desserts or snacks! Anything from brownies and cookies to clementines and Ritz crackers. Text or email me if you would like to contribute something. Maestro loves homemade desserts, so bonus points for that. One of the NUYCO members does have a peanut allergy; she is good at managing it and we will have peanut free items available, but she might appreciate a dessert or two that she could have. :)

We are so excited! See you there! 

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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