23 September 2021

Parent Meeting Info & Rehearsal Announcements


After rehearsal this Saturday, Sept 25: 
What: Our parent meeting: Parent Forum, Q&A, is this Saturday after rehearsal, 11:15 am to noon in the library. 
Who: Parents of new members. If you're not new, you can pay tuition and skip the meeting.
To Prepare: Read the Membership Information and come prepared with questions

Volunteer needs: Retreat; Concert setup, equipment moving, etc; Abravanel Hall chaperones; Parties at Christmas and End-of-Year; Serve on the board! We will send a spreadsheet you can add your name to, so you can sign up to help out!

Tuition collection - in the hall: Cathy will be at the school to collect tuition. You may pay with a card (the fee is slightly lower than online), or cash or check. Be sure to remember your payment form and medical form.  (We will also have extra forms at the meeting.)

Rehearsal Announcements
8:00 computerized doors unlock
8:30 to 9:15 Sectionals:
Strings in gym
Woodwinds down the west hallway, then to the left
Brass down the east hallway, then to the right
9:15 Full Orchestra
Beethoven in this order: 4, 3, 1
This way, if you don't play in Beethoven 3 or 1, you can be excused.

See you Saturday!

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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