17 September 2021

NUYCO - See you tomorrow!

 Hi families!

Woohoo, rehearsals start tomorrow! We are so excited to start our new year. If you would like to get to know the specialists, Mr. West (our conductor), and me, check out this document with bios and photos!

LOCATION: Promontory School Library, 1051 W 2700 S, Perry (the library is right across the hall from the gym where NUYS will be rehearsing - follow the music and you will find us!), 9:30 - 11:00 AM (NUYS will meet 8:30-11). You are welcome to bring your own music stand but we will have one set up for you already. No food or drink (besides water) is allowed in the library.

MUSIC: For this concert, we will be playing the Italian Folk Festival arr. Bullock and Abduction from the Seraglio by Mozart. Mr. West will be deciding on a 3rd piece in the near future!

RECRUITMENT: Please recruit more members! We could really use more violas especially, but would gratefully accept any instrument. NUYS could also use basically any instrument!

PARENT MEETING: Our parent meeting Forum and Q&A is next week, Sept. 25, at 11:15. Our bookkeeper will be there also to collect tuition. You are welcome to turn in forms and payments tomorrow if that is more convenient.

ATTENDANCE: If you will be missing a rehearsal anytime between tomorrow and April, please fill out our handy Attendance Form! It's linked at the bottom of all my emails. If you are sick for any reason at any time, please fill out the form and stay home. 

CONCERT: Our first concert will be Friday, November 12, at Ogden High School. Yes, Friday - check your calendars. If you have a conflict, please tell me what time would work best for you to perform. The concerts at Ogden High are always my favorite - it's an amazing venue and you don't want to miss it! Please keep Thursday, November 11, open as well. We may need an extra rehearsal that evening to prepare for the concert the next day.

Awesome! See you tomorrow! Please email or text me with any questions. 435.452.8173

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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