11 September 2021

NUYCO Final Audition Results

Hello Families!

One of our wonderful NUYCO moms alerted me, very nicely, that I had not notified our video auditioned-members about the audition results! My deepest apologies. I'm a teacher and shoot, things are busy. As a gift to you in compensation, here are the seating results as well, so you can know right where you are in the orchestra!

Two IMPORTANT notes about seating... 

1. This will change for every concert. If you were really hoping for a principal seat and weren't chosen this time, never fear! We will have two more seating changes for the next concerts. 

2. In some orchestras and symphonies, the conductor places the members by ability. Therefore, the most advanced players are in the front and the beginner players are in the back. But Mr. West doesn't do that! He believes that no matter your ability, you can learn from the people around you. He seats you based on what characteristics and abilities you bring to NUYCO and what you might be able to learn. There might be an advanced player in the back, and there might be a beginner in the front. And then it will all be changed up again in November! :)

At long last... find the seating HERE! Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Many of you haven't signed up for your shirt yet. Please do that here! ALL members AND section specialists get one free NUYCO shirt! Don't miss out!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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