13 September 2021

Northern Utah Youth Symphony


This is addressed to all school music teachers, but it's also being sent to all who have already signed up for this year, parents, adult leadership, etc...

For this coming year, we are still accepting auditions, especially for Violas, Cellos, Basses; we also need another Clarinet, another Bassoon, 3 more French Horns, Trumpets (2 might be thinking about it) and possibly another trombone - or really any high school student who is interested in the opportunity to play masterworks as part of a full symphony orchestra.  

Our numbers are lower this year at this point than they were last year at a similar time, and last year's numbers were only 3/4 of what they had been the year before; it's like we are losing our graduates, but not fully replacing them! I know, COVID....

I'm a little concerned that we will have trouble providing our traditional experiences which rely on good numbers of musicians, and would love your support if anyone comes to mind. I have attached our flyer... If you are a teacher, hopefully you also received a poster/flyer in the mail. We begin rehearsals this coming Saturday. If musicians want to come sightread with us, they are welcome as long as they email me ahead of time so I have music and a seat for them.

Thank you so much! We are all on the same team as we enrich the lives of the youth. Thank you for all that you do! You are all amazing!

Julie Gardner, Manager

PS Our intermediate orchestra (Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra) could also use more players, just to be fair!

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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