28 September 2021

Lots of Details - Please Read! NUYCO

Hi families! Please read this all the way to the end and email or text me with questions. Lots of info because lots is happening right now!

-- Rehearsal Time Change: This is a biggie! Our rehearsal is EARLY this Saturday. 8:30-10:00 am. See you then!

-- Youtube Playlist: Maestro West has updated our playlist for recordings of the music for this concert. Check it out.

-- Retreat Permission and Medical Form: I need this filled out for each member in NUYCO asap, regardless of whether they will be to the retreat. If there is an emergency during rehearsal, I need to know who has medication and who can't eat peanuts - things like that. Please print it and fill it out; then either send it to rehearsal, scan and email it, or text me a picture!

All Things Retreat! (Hopefully we will have the t-shirts back from the printers before the retreat! It's nice to take a nature-y, matchy matchy photo in our NUYCO shirts. Cross your fingers!)

-- Attendance: I know that the Hearns and the Fowlers will not be coming to the retreat; they are the only two families I am aware of. If you will not be to the retreat and you have not told me, please do that right now! We are planning how much food to buy and would like to only buy what we need.

-- Retreat Permission and Medical Form (again): I need this especially if you will be at the retreat! We will be eating eggs, peanut butter, and other foods. I need to know if you have any allergies, severe or not. Asap, asap, asap!

-- Directions: Here are handy dandy directions for getting to the camp. 

-- Sleeping Info: At Camp Earley, everyone sleeps in one lodge. Girls on one side, boys on the other, with a line of adult chaperones down the middle.

-- Volunteers: We need at least one male to chaperone. Maestro West will be the other male chaperone. Please contact me asap if you are available! We would also welcome any females who would like to come, whether to spend the night or help in the kitchen one or both days. Text or email me if that sounds fun to you!

-- Food Offerings: Your $30 retreat payment goes towards the camp fee and the food, so we will be providing the meals. But we would welcome any desserts or snacks! Anything from brownies and cookies to clementines and Ritz crackers. Text or email me if you would like to contribute something. 

Did I forget something? Undoubtedly. :) As always, text or email me with questions, concerns, or comments. 

Remember, EARLY REHEARSAL on Saturday - 8:30-10:00 am. Please use the Attendance Form linked below if you will be absent!

You're great! Thanks!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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