27 July 2021

Audition Information


Our audition information is complete. 

Thanks to everyone who is interested, and all those fabulous new people that we expect to recruit this year! 

Auditions will be held Saturday, August 21st, at Promontory School.

Pages: NUYS Auditions for Youth Symphony, and NUYCO Auditions for Chamber Orchestra, include:
A membership form
A spreadsheet link to sign up for an in-person audition time
Instructions for the video option
A link to choose your size and color for your t-shirt
Audition instructions, including:
Downloadable orchestral excerpts
The Audition Packet will be handed out if you are in person, but is also available digitally. Here is the link.

This year's auditions will be a hybrid format - you may choose to audition in person, in which case you'll need to sign up for a time on the spreadsheet. All in-person auditions will be videoed for reference as seating is arranged. More times will be added on the spreadsheet if necessary.

If you cannot attend on the in-person audition date, or if you prefer a video option, we encourage you to submit a video. Auditions submitted by the 21st will receive priority handling, but all auditions will be considered, even if they are "late". We are aware of the timing with some schools that don't start until after August 21st, so there is time worked into the schedule for you to submit your audition before we begin rehearsals. 

We encourage you to spread the word! Don't forget about our recruiting contest! For each person who auditions & credits you as their referral, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

I hope your summer has been wonderful! 

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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