07 May 2021

NUYS Announcements for 5/8 rehearsal


Thanks to everyone who has registered audience members! Just to clarify, you can have more than one group register, just try to keep the number of people coming to see you at 10 or under, and do request additional seats as you see fit. I will keep track and let you know if it looks like we will be going over our limit, but I doubt we will. Here's the link for the registration.

Tomorrow's rehearsal will follow roughly the same schedule as last week, with doors opening at 8, sectionals at 8:30, with strings all together, running Fanfare at 9, and then full orchestra at approximately 9:15, with the concerto last. Clean up at 11.

This week and next week we will be at promontory school at our normal times, and then we will be at Box Elder High School on Monday May 17th.

Schedule for concert day:
3:00 set up. If you live closeby or go to BEHS, please come help. I know this is not closeby for many of you, and I really appreciate anything you have to do to make it on time. If you need a note from me, please ask.
3:30-4:15 NUYS practice/sound check
4:30-5:00 NUYCO practice/sound check/audience seating begins
5:30 Concert, about 1 hour and 15 minutes, NUYCO first
After each segment of the concert we will have that group pose on the stairs of the front of the stage for a picture. 

I have sent a press release to the papers, and will have it up on the website sometime today, when I get a chance.

Thank you! I can't believe we've had such a great year, considering everything!

Planning Ahead... Save these dates:
August 14, concerto auditions
August 21, regular auditions for both orchestras, in person and virtual
September 18, first rehearsal
October 22-23, retreat at Camp UTABA - If you need to take the ACT this fall, take it in September or December! Our retreat is ACT weekend! Plan ahead.... 😉

If you are sick or quarantined, you know the drill. Here's the link to the Attendance Form.

See you all tomorrow! You are all wonderful!

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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