23 April 2021

NUYS Announcements for 24 April


I hope you've had a great week! 

Tomorrow, our best-guess schedule will be: 
8:00 doors automatically unlock - come help set up!
8:20 prepare for sectionals - GOAL: Start on time... or early!
8:30 sectionals:
Strings together for 25-30 minutes, and then separated until 9:15
Brass and woodwinds in their normal places
Fanfare at 9:00
9:15 full orchestra 
Starting with Die Meistersinger, then Capriccio, then the Concerto at the end
11:00 clean up - realize as we get closer to the concert, the details we need to work on may cause rehearsal to run a little long.
11:30 doors automatically lock

Reminder that the concert is Monday, May 17, at 5 or 5:30 pm, with very short rehearsals for each orchestra right before.

We will start our audience registration very soon! Watch for an audience registration email.

Naomi Miles has more Smith's gift cards to sell, as well as Kent's cards which work at Macey's and Lee's as well. They are in $50's and $100's. She will have them at the concert, but if you'd like them earlier, contact her directly. Her number is 435.553.9395.
Don't forget about the Attendance Form! If you are sick with anything, or quarantined, or have to miss. If the form is glitching on you, send an email or text me (435.740.4335). Although I prefer the form, I'd rather have the information. 


Thanks so much! See you all tomorrow! 
Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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