16 April 2021

NUYS Announcements for 17 April


I've noticed that we are getting tired and coming later and later! Please be sure to come early so you're ready for the start time of sectionals. It's a short sectional tomorrow, and every minute counts! We can power through these last few weeks and put on a stupendous concert! I believe in you! 

Here's our schedule for tomorrow:
8:00 doors unlock automatically - thanks to those who so consistently come early and help set up! You are wonderful!
8:20 prepare for sectionals
8:30 short sectionals (all separate, strings where we've been sending you, with Fanfare for a minute down the hall)
9:00 Full Orchestra 
Wieniawski will be first, for about a half hour
Capriccio Espagnol
(Mr Dunn is leaving early, at which time Jarom will guest conduct the rest of the rehearsal)
(There will also be a break sometime in there!)
11:00 Pack up and put away
11:30 doors lock automatically

You know the drill with attendance, especially if you are sick or quarantined! Please let me know:
Attendance Form.

Have a most wonderful afternoon! 

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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