30 April 2021

NUYS Announcements for 1 May 2021


Countdown to the concert: We have rehearsals May 1, 8 and 15, with a half hour sound check on the stage before the concert which will be at either 5 or 5:30 pm (depending on requirements at the school). 

Tomorrow's rehearsal will look similar to last week with the following approximate schedule: 
8:00 am Doors unlock automatically - come help set up!
8:20 am Set up for sectionals
8:30 am  Sectionals as follows
Woodwinds and brass separate - with Fanfare at 9:00 am
Strings all together in the gym
9:15 am Full Orchestra with the concerto going last so we can excuse the Harp
11:00 am Clean up
11:30 am Doors lock automatically

I will send a separate link for you to forward so we can get our audience registered. I haven't sent it yet as I need a few more details from the school.

Thanks, everyone! You are all awesome! What a wonderful year we have had! 


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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