02 April 2021

Announcements - Tomorrow's Early Rehearsal and Concert Schedule for May 17th


Reminder: Early rehearsal tomorrow -- 8 to 10 am
7:30 am doors unlock
8:00 Sectionals (half hour)
Brass and Woodwinds in their normal places
Percussion with Brass for all pieces, Fanfare rehearsal during sectional
Violin 1 on Stage
Violin 2 across from woodwinds
Viola in the entry hall
Cello in the gym
Bass by the art room
8:30 Full orchestra will look at spots in pieces in the following order
Capriccio Espagnol
Die Meistersinger
9:55 Clean up
10:15 Doors lock

Schedule for the Concert Day (This is a change!)
In coordination with a couple schools who have conflicts on the day of our concert, and being proactive about other conflicts that might come up, we have  made the following plan for the May 17th Concert at Box Elder High School: 
3:00 pm, set up
3:30 pm, NUYS Short Sound-check Rehearsal
4:15 pm, NUYCO Short Sound-check Rehearsal
5:00 to 6:30 pm, Concert 
Hopefully this gives everyone enough lead time to participate fully. This should eliminate the conflicts that we know about (South Cache MS), and also take care of conflicts we don't know about. For those who do have a concert at 7 pm at WHS, you will be excused from the warm-up call time. That's a good thing! We neeeeed you as much as Mr W neeeeeds you!!!

One other note: 
The state-wide mask mandate is scheduled to expire April 10th. However, we will continue to follow the same guidelines we've already been using.

Thanks, everyone! You are wonderful! Thanks for making this our Miracle Year! 

See you tomorrow.... I hope you've enjoyed your spring break, or will be enjoying it soon, depending on your school schedule. If you are in town during any of this, please be sure to come to rehearsal.

And, as always, use the Attendance Form if you will be missing rehearsal... like if you are sick or have been quarantined (or get to go somewhere).


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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