30 April 2021

NUYS Announcements for 1 May 2021


Countdown to the concert: We have rehearsals May 1, 8 and 15, with a half hour sound check on the stage before the concert which will be at either 5 or 5:30 pm (depending on requirements at the school). 

Tomorrow's rehearsal will look similar to last week with the following approximate schedule: 
8:00 am Doors unlock automatically - come help set up!
8:20 am Set up for sectionals
8:30 am  Sectionals as follows
Woodwinds and brass separate - with Fanfare at 9:00 am
Strings all together in the gym
9:15 am Full Orchestra with the concerto going last so we can excuse the Harp
11:00 am Clean up
11:30 am Doors lock automatically

I will send a separate link for you to forward so we can get our audience registered. I haven't sent it yet as I need a few more details from the school.

Thanks, everyone! You are all awesome! What a wonderful year we have had! 


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

23 April 2021

Rehearsal Plans tomorrow - NUYCO


Mr. West asked me to notify all NUYCO members about our rehearsal plan tomorrow so you can be prepared! It will go as follows...

9:45 Full ensemble, focusing on the Beethoven, sections J and K
10:00 Sctionals
10:30 Full ensemble

See you tomorrow!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

NUYS Announcements for 24 April


I hope you've had a great week! 

Tomorrow, our best-guess schedule will be: 
8:00 doors automatically unlock - come help set up!
8:20 prepare for sectionals - GOAL: Start on time... or early!
8:30 sectionals:
Strings together for 25-30 minutes, and then separated until 9:15
Brass and woodwinds in their normal places
Fanfare at 9:00
9:15 full orchestra 
Starting with Die Meistersinger, then Capriccio, then the Concerto at the end
11:00 clean up - realize as we get closer to the concert, the details we need to work on may cause rehearsal to run a little long.
11:30 doors automatically lock

Reminder that the concert is Monday, May 17, at 5 or 5:30 pm, with very short rehearsals for each orchestra right before.

We will start our audience registration very soon! Watch for an audience registration email.

Naomi Miles has more Smith's gift cards to sell, as well as Kent's cards which work at Macey's and Lee's as well. They are in $50's and $100's. She will have them at the concert, but if you'd like them earlier, contact her directly. Her number is 435.553.9395.
Don't forget about the Attendance Form! If you are sick with anything, or quarantined, or have to miss. If the form is glitching on you, send an email or text me (435.740.4335). Although I prefer the form, I'd rather have the information. 


Thanks so much! See you all tomorrow! 
Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

16 April 2021

NUYS Announcements for 17 April


I've noticed that we are getting tired and coming later and later! Please be sure to come early so you're ready for the start time of sectionals. It's a short sectional tomorrow, and every minute counts! We can power through these last few weeks and put on a stupendous concert! I believe in you! 

Here's our schedule for tomorrow:
8:00 doors unlock automatically - thanks to those who so consistently come early and help set up! You are wonderful!
8:20 prepare for sectionals
8:30 short sectionals (all separate, strings where we've been sending you, with Fanfare for a minute down the hall)
9:00 Full Orchestra 
Wieniawski will be first, for about a half hour
Capriccio Espagnol
(Mr Dunn is leaving early, at which time Jarom will guest conduct the rest of the rehearsal)
(There will also be a break sometime in there!)
11:00 Pack up and put away
11:30 doors lock automatically

You know the drill with attendance, especially if you are sick or quarantined! Please let me know:
Attendance Form.

Have a most wonderful afternoon! 

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

Rehearsal Tomorrow - NUYCO

Hello all, just a quick reminder about rehearsal tomorrow! 9:45 - 11:15 AM, like normal. I may not be able to attend rehearsal, so if you have a question for me, please text or email me. Thanks!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

09 April 2021

NUYS Announcements for tomorrow


Tomorrow's rehearsal will look like this: 
8:00 Doors Unlock - come help setup
8:20 Prepare for sectionals
8:30 Sectionals for 40 minutes- including splitting up the strings, and the Fanfare with the brass and percussion. Violin 1 - Entrance Hallway, Violin 2 - across from woodwinds, Viola - stage, Cello - gym, Bass - by the art class
9:15 Full Orchestra
Capriccio first, esp the 4th mvt
Announcements then 5 minute break
Concerto about the last 30 minutes
11:00 Clean up

Thanks, y'all! The time of the concert may shift yet again, but probably only a half hour. Weber high band changed their concert date, so we only need to worry about our Chamber orch and their concert master playing with South Cache MS at 7! What a rollercoaster. 

Have a lovely day! See you tomorrow for our regular rehearsal time, and remember the drill about being sick, quarantined, or absent. Here is the link to the Attendance Form.

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

02 April 2021

Announcements - Tomorrow's Early Rehearsal and Concert Schedule for May 17th


Reminder: Early rehearsal tomorrow -- 8 to 10 am
7:30 am doors unlock
8:00 Sectionals (half hour)
Brass and Woodwinds in their normal places
Percussion with Brass for all pieces, Fanfare rehearsal during sectional
Violin 1 on Stage
Violin 2 across from woodwinds
Viola in the entry hall
Cello in the gym
Bass by the art room
8:30 Full orchestra will look at spots in pieces in the following order
Capriccio Espagnol
Die Meistersinger
9:55 Clean up
10:15 Doors lock

Schedule for the Concert Day (This is a change!)
In coordination with a couple schools who have conflicts on the day of our concert, and being proactive about other conflicts that might come up, we have  made the following plan for the May 17th Concert at Box Elder High School: 
3:00 pm, set up
3:30 pm, NUYS Short Sound-check Rehearsal
4:15 pm, NUYCO Short Sound-check Rehearsal
5:00 to 6:30 pm, Concert 
Hopefully this gives everyone enough lead time to participate fully. This should eliminate the conflicts that we know about (South Cache MS), and also take care of conflicts we don't know about. For those who do have a concert at 7 pm at WHS, you will be excused from the warm-up call time. That's a good thing! We neeeeed you as much as Mr W neeeeeds you!!!

One other note: 
The state-wide mask mandate is scheduled to expire April 10th. However, we will continue to follow the same guidelines we've already been using.

Thanks, everyone! You are wonderful! Thanks for making this our Miracle Year! 

See you tomorrow.... I hope you've enjoyed your spring break, or will be enjoying it soon, depending on your school schedule. If you are in town during any of this, please be sure to come to rehearsal.

And, as always, use the Attendance Form if you will be missing rehearsal... like if you are sick or have been quarantined (or get to go somewhere).


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

01 April 2021

Early Rehearsal - NUYCO

Hello! Just a reminder that NUYCO rehearsal will start at 8:15 AM and finish at 9:45 AM Saturday morning (April 3). See you then!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director