12 February 2021

Yes! We have Rehearsal... and other Announcements - NUYS


Yes! We have rehearsal tomorrow morning. My apologies for the delay getting this email out, especially on a holiday weekend.

We will start our audience registration drive this MONDAY, so watch for that info in your email. Still working on numbers, but getting close....

We are considering setting the concert time on Feb 27 at Mount Logan Middle School for 3:30 pm.  Reply to this email immediately if you have a problem with that time. It would put our setup at 11:00, Rehearsal 11:30 to 1:45, NUYCO rehearsal 2 to 3, and the concert at 3:30. THIS IS STILL HYPOTHETICAL. Please contact me if you have an insurmountable issue with this, especially if you can't make the concert. (We could potentially set it later, but we are already aware of issues that preclude its being earlier.)

Tomorrow's rehearsal
8:00 am ~ Doors Unlock, come help set up!
8:20 am ~ Set up for sectionals and warm up
8:30 am ~ Go straight to sectionals
Woodwinds and Brass, to their normal spaces
Violin 1 in the stage area
Violin 2 in the area across from the Woodwinds (Northwest)
Viola in the (you guessed it) entrance hallway
Cellos in the Gym
Bass with cellos or on your own
Strings: You may be called back earlier than 9:30, but plan to spend the whole hour. Come with questions, and be bold - ask for fingerings!
9:30 am Full Orchestra - probably in this order: 
Del Borgo
Bloch (at 10:30 for the Rose the harpist)

Okay, folks! Let's take this by storm! (BTW we are aware of the weather as well, so watch for announcements).

As usual, if you are sick with anything, or quarantined, stay home! Use the attendance form to keep me sane. Because you like me, right?


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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