18 February 2021

For this Saturday - NUYS

Please refer to the info sent out Monday and GET YOUR GUESTS REGISTERED. Yes. I was just yelling. ;) If you have no guests you still have to register. :)


For this Saturday, we are planning the following:
8:00 Doors Unlock - Help appreciated
8:20 Prepare for sectionals
8:30 Sectionals for just a half hour
Strings in the Gym
Woodwinds and Brass where they normally go
9:00 Full Orchestra
Same order as before - Dvorak, Brahms, Rituals, and Talmage's piece.
Harp, expect to come the last half hour

Yes there is snow in the forecast this Saturday. Pray it doesn't cancel our rehearsal or our concert next week might be in trouble! 

If you're curious, the music order for the concert is Dvorak, Bloch, Brahms, Aboriginal Rituals

Thanks, everyone! For everything! 

Reply if you have questions!

Sorry for so many emails.....


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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