07 January 2021

This Saturday the Journey Begins... Again! NUYS


We are ready to get started again. This journey will be a quick and short one because normally we would have started our new music in December. 

We will be playing:
Brahms, Academic Festival Overture
Dvorak, Slavonic Dances Op 72, some combo of #5-8 (not opus 46, a different set)
Del Borgo, Aboriginal Rituals
and Bloch, Suite Hebraique with Talmage Kay (viola) -rental to be handed out when it arrives
Rehearsal this Saturday will be a combination of active listening and sightreading the first three pieces on the above list. There will be no sectionals. We will be giving some time to our Winds and Brass Clinicians to introduce themselves and relate to us some of their stories. 

A big thank you to Andrew Watkins for his years of service in the Brass section, and a big welcome to Abigail Erickson for taking over for him. And a big thank you to Jarom Coleman who has done such an excellent job working with the woodwinds. 

See you all this Saturday! Rehearsal schedule: 
8 am, computerized doors unlock - come help set up
8:20 am, be in your seats warming up
8:30 am, rehearsal with break
11:00 am, clean up and pack up
11:30 am, computerized doors lock up

See you Saturday, and remember the attendance form (link below in signature) and if you are quarantined or if you are ill with anything or displaying symptoms, PLEASE stay home! :)

Rock on!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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