22 January 2021

NUYS Announcements for Saturday


We have the rental music ready to hand out this week. If you'd like to listen ahead (recommended), here is a link to the Suite Hebraique by Ernest Bloch, first movement Rhapsodie. The piece has no trombones or tuba, but it has harp and percussion, and the trumpet parts are in C (Fair warning). The parts are handwritten with clef and key signature only on the top line! Ridiculously lazy publisher if you ask me! It's a wonderful showcase of solo viola, but I may be biased in my opinion. 

Please note that most of the music you have in your folders is extra tall. If you stick your hand down in the pocket in the folder, you'll find that there's a gusset down there that sometimes gets in the way of the music, so just be sure to put your hand in there and ease the music behind or in front of that gusset all the way into the pocket so we don't end up with music that's torn up on the top or the bottom. TLC is all I ask. :)

If we damage or lose even one part of the rental music, by the way, we are charged all sorts of fees. Be SO CAREFUL with this music, please! 

Tomorrow's Rehearsal:
8:00 am - Computerized Doors Unlock - come help set up
8:20 am - Prepare for rehearsal & go set up sectionals
8:30 am - Sectionals
Strings in the Cafeteria
Woodwinds and Brass where you normally go. Jarom will be there for Woodwinds, and Gayle will be with the brass again (Abigail is not cleared to come back yet)
9:30 am - Full Orchestra
Dvorak No. 7
Aboriginal Rituals
Read through Bloch at the end (Trombones and Tuba excused early)
11:00 am - Rehearsal ends, pack up and sanitize
11:30 am - Computerized doors re-lock

Just a note: I won't be there tomorrow. Josie will be in charge. Go easy on her and if you have a question for her, ask it before Chamber starts at 9:45 since she'll be in there. :)

If anyone is willing to help Josie set up, let me know and I'll send you her number so she can come let you in. She will be there at about 7:30. Please show her tons of gratitude! 

Julie :)

PS Remember the rules: if you are sick or quarantined, stay home, and please fill out the attendance form so nobody wastes energy setting up for you! 

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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