15 January 2021

A Request, and Announcements for this week - NUYS


How are you all doing? Let's keep the momentum going from our great sight-reading last week.

Tomorrow's rehearsal will look like this: 
8:00 - Computer unlocks the front doors - come help set up!
8:20 - Prepare for sectionals
8:30 - Sectionals 
Strings in the Cafeteria
Woodwinds and Brass where they normally go :)
9:30 - Full Orchestra rehearsal
Dvorak Slavonic Dances #5 & 6 (Maybe 7)
Brahms Academic Festival Overture
Del Borgo Aboriginal Rituals
(We will hand out the rental music next week - this piece has harp)

A Request
The symphony board met last night and went over projections to the end of the year. We are facing a shortfall, especially in the fund for putting on the concerts. As we have an ASCAP license that does not allow us to charge admission (and we don't want to anyway), we are looking for one or two more sponsors this year. If you or someone you know owns a business and could spare $350 to sponsor. we would be very grateful. If you would like our "begging" letter, or more info, please contact me! 
Thanks In Advance!

Thank you all! Don't forget to fill out the attendance form (in the signature below) for me if you are sick, going to be absent, or have been quarantined! 
Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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