10 December 2020

This Saturday - NUYS


We are still on for this Saturday and have been re-approved for the concert on Dec 19th, so all is moving forward. We had a good rehearsal last Saturday! Thank you for concentrating and coming prepared. 

Rehearsal schedule this Saturday will be the same as last:
8:00 Doors Open
8:20 Ready to play
8:30 Sectionals - Strings in the Gym, Woodwinds and Brass in their regular places
9:00 Full Orchestra in this order: Star Wars, Broadway, Sleigh Ride, Saint-Saens, and Mozart
11:00 Final Clean up
11:30 doors will lock. Do not prop doors open. 

Remember that if you have not registered your guests for the concert, you need to do so. I know we don't have registrations from everyone. If you do not expect any audience guests, please let me know. Everyone who volunteered signed up on this spreadsheet. If you have had to change your plans, please take your name off and let me know. Last I looked, we still needed one more usher and one more clean up crew. 

See you Saturday! Don't come if you're quarantined, know you were exposed, or are sick in any other way (use the attendance form). And if you're taking the ACT you should also fill it out! 

Thank you!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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