18 December 2020

NUYS Concert Details


Surely you've all been wishing for this email. Please, please read the whole thing, and please let me know if you need clarification or have any questions (after you've read it!). 

Tomorrow is our concert!

Masks are required in the building for EVERYONE, including the audience (let them know). If you walk in, you have a mask on. We have black masks for you if you don't have one, and will write your name in whichever one you use (with a sharpie) and collect them after. We will wash and reuse them at our other concerts. You may also provide your own black mask, if you like. 

For those who play wind and brass instruments, you may remove your mask after you are on stage ready to play, or in the band room warming up. 

At the one other performance OHS allowed (last week), there were problems with this mask requirement, especially in the lobby. Please comply. We get to have an audience because we are promising to comply.

Schedule for the day:
9:30 Set Up - We will be setting up the stage. 
It will be great to have a few people there helping, and not just in the band room warming up their instruments. Cases go in the band room, BTW.
10:00 NUYS Rehearsal - starting with the fewest people and working our way up
10:00 Mozart (Call time 9:30)
10:25 Saint-Saens (Call time 9:55)
10:50 Star Wars, Broadway and Sleigh Ride (not necessarily in that order) (Call time 10:20)
12:15-1:30 Your break
Food guidelines: Bring your own food, it's best if you don't plan to leave and come back. No drinks except water. NO FOOD in the band room, or anywhere in the auditorium. Find a place to eat along the hallways. Clean up after yourself. ;)
NUYCO will rehearse on stage at 12:30
12:30 Call time for Ushers and Check-in People. 
Meet me in the lobby. We will have clipboards and instructions for you.
1:00 to 2:00 Seating of the audience 
This starts before NUYCO is finished, so be respectful and quiet. 
I have a separate novel below with details.
2:00 Concert
After the concert you will go back to the band room, gather your things, follow any sanitizing instructions, and meet your families outside. 
Volunteers who signed up to clean up and strike the stage, meet us on the stage! Thank you!

Performance order
Salute to Broadway
Clarinet Concerto - Mozart
Cello Concerto - Saint-Saens
Star Wars Through the Years
Sleigh Ride

Music & Folders
We will collect your folders with all the music after this concert. Do not leave the building with your folder. If you happen to keep personal music in your folder, pull it out tonight. You will get your same folder back January 9th at our next rehearsal with new music. 

Wear your concert attire for the dress rehearsal so we can take "Concert Pictures" without disturbing the concert later. Here's the official description of what to wear.
Thank you. Questions about what to wear? Reply to this email and ask. 

Our programs are digital for this concert, but there is a special keepsake printed program for each participant. We will hand them out tomorrow. But there will be no printed programs handed out to the audience. The program is a blog post, optimized to be easy to read on a phone. It's already up, if you want to look. Here's the link. We will have QR codes at the entrances of the auditorium, or your audience members can just go to the youth symphony website. It was posted yesterday. 

Seating of the Audience
There will be 3 volunteers checking in pre-registered audience groups. They will look "official" because they have clipboards, and will be just inside the south door, as indicated on the map below. (There is also an ADA door, if you need it, just to the east and around the corner from that door.) We need all the audience members to come early enough to be in their seats by 1:45. 

If our check-in mavens encounter a group that has not pre-registered, that group will have to stand aside and register using a cell phone at this link. There will be a QR code posted for this possibility.

Once checked in, each member of the group will get a little sticker to put on their shirt, like at the hospital. Cool, eh?

I think our registration is pretty much complete. At this point, there are a few extra seats. If you want to bring an extra person or two but did not already request it, contact me directly and I can increase the number in your group, up to a certain point when I'll have to close this option.

Here's the biggie: Once checked in, your group can either go upstairs to the balcony, or head directly into the main level of the auditorium. They will choose their own seats with the following (simple!) procedures:
They will not sit in closed rows (every other row is closed)
They will assure that there are at least 3 seats between groups
After they are seated, they will wave an usher over and make sure their group is entered on the auditorium map (by the contact name for the group)
Ogden High
Below is a picture of the area directly around Ogden High School. Here is a google map link to the school. The orange shaded areas are parking areas. The south door must be used to enter the school. This is where the audience check in will happen, just inside those doors. 

Also on the map is the location where the audience will end up after the concert, just to give some orientation of where to go to find their car! The audience may wait in the courtyard to meet their musicians, or make other arrangements. 

The Future
After tomorrow, why would we worry about the future? Haha!
We will not be meeting during the holiday break. 
Our next rehearsal is January 9th.
See you then, and Happy Holidays! 🎶

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