13 December 2020

Info - Please Read - NUYCO

Hello! Here is important info just for you. Please read it! There will be an email later in the week with instructions about parking, where to go within the high school, etc. 

Our concert is this Saturday, December 19, at 2 PM at Ogden High School.

Time to register your guests for the concert! Each performer can have up to four guests. If you have more than four guests who would like to come, mention it in the comments and we will try to work that out. If you need an aisle seat or any other specific seating arrangements, also write that in the comments. If you want more info on the guest registration arrangement we made with Ogden High School, refer to the email I sent on November 6.

Here is the link to the audience registration form. Please have your group(s) fill it out asap.

We need more volunteers to help with ushering and/or cleanup. If you are interested, contact me.

Specific Practice Measures For This Week

William Tell
1st and 2nd Violins: F sharp, scale runs (for example, m. 66, 121-123), m. 154 and 157
Viola: m. 168-170
Cello: m. 121-125, 168-170
Bass: m. 168-170

Critter Crawl
1st and 2nd Violins: B flat, m. 33-40, don't come in early on m. 33!
2nd Violins and Viola: m. 41-48

Mask of Zorro
Cello and Bass: m. 15-64

Fum, Fum, Fum
EVERYONE: Eliminate the repeat at m. 7. Play the down beat of the the ending as a quarter note. Repeat back to the very beginning. Play through the 2nd ending.

Keep your eye out for the second email later this week!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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