17 December 2020

Concert Program - Ogden High, 19 December


Our Heroes
Through the Years

Conrad Dunn, NUYS Conductor

Nathan West, NUYCO Conductor

with Elizabeth Archuleta, Clarinet

and Kai Bowen, Cello

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Ogden High School, 2:00 pm

Free Admission this season thanks to our sponsors


Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra

Nathan West, Conductor

The William Tell Overture - G. Rossini - arr K. Agioritis

Critter Crawl - Carol J Johnson

The Incredibles - Michael Giacchino - arr John Moss

Fum, Fum, Fum - Spanish Traditional

Music from The Mask of Zorro - James Horner - arr Blake Neely

Zorro’s Theme               
The Plaza of Execution
The Ride
I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You


Northern Utah Youth Symphony

Conrad Dunn, Conductor

Salute to Broadway - Various - arr Carl Strommen

Give My Regards to Broadway

Ain’t Misbehavin’
My Funny Valentine
I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face
Thou Swell

Concerto in A Major - W. A. Mozart - Elizabeth Archuleta, Clarinet

I. Allegro

Concerto No 1 in A Minor - Camille Saint-Saëns - Kai Bowen, Cello

I. Allegro non Troppo

Star Wars Through the Years - John Williams - arr Carl Strommen

Star Wars (Main Theme)

The Imperial March
Han Solo and the Princess
The Jedi Steps
Rey’s Theme
Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle
March of the Resistance
Throne Room and Finale


Sleigh Ride - Leroy Anderson

Any Form Of Recording at This Concert is Prohibited
(Mozart and Saint-Saëns are exempt from this)


Free admission this season thanks to these sponsors…

For information on becoming a sponsor, contact us!

Classical Strings

Edge Orthodontics
Dr W Clark Andersen
Brigham City & Tremonton


Aaron Gardner, LCMHC
BrainTrainUT.com - On Track Counseling




NUYS Musicians

Violin 1
 Natalie Nef
Hugues Herpin Lemonnier
Sarah Jeppson
Eliziabeth Black
Cassie Smith
Quin Powell
Jeremy Gerritsen

Violin 2
* Evelyn Cazier
Kinley Hyatt
(Maddison Griffin)
Jacob Lund
Stephen Hales
Audrie Brown
Elizabeth Duncan
Katelyn Rollo
James Craner
Averi Van Tassell

* Talmage Kay
EmmaLee Folsom
Preston Hindman
Ashlee Freeze
Erik Petersen
Aleksia Nielsen
Eric Jenkins
Eden Emerson

* Kai Bowen
Ally Bruner
Abby Quintana
Erika Hankins
Corbin Sealy
Silvia Schmit
Carter Hindman
Elias Nielsen

* Ben Rich

* Libby Tarbert
Kaitlyn Farr
Sarah Wilde
Arthur Grover


*Cambria Farr
Elizabeth Archuleta
Elizabeth Beebe, Bass Cl.
Taiten Moss, Bass Cl.

Ethan LaDuke
Aaron Watkins

French Horn
* Tanner Chipman
 Abigail Erickson
(Fabricio Garcia)
(Daniel Curtis)

* Milton Farr
Daniel Seeholzer
Andrew Fowles

* Owen Snedaker
Dawson Pitcher
Jarin Oxborrow

* Parker Rowan

Rose Nicholson

Rocky Myers
Maddox Lister
Brody Lister
Julie Gardner


Andrew Watkins
Abigail Erickson

Jarom Coleman

Jayme McKenna

 Concert Master
 * Principal
Adult Volunteer


NUYCO Musicians

Violin 1
* Sally Hurd
Russell Krebs
Isaac Sealy
Kassie Norris
 Amy Braithwaite

Violin 2
* Andrea Gibbs
(Anne Duncan)
(Lucy Duncan)
Emmie Browne
Lily Hansen
♫ Thomas Palfreyman

* Molly Emerson
♫ Josie Anderson

* Toby Carlton
Mathieu Pace
Kirk Nielsen
♫ Lauren Arkoudas

* Sadie Parkin
♫ Hillary Fuller

* Principal
♫ Section Specialist


Program Notes

    As the Chamber Orchestra opens the concert with a program of “Masked Heroes,” we reflect on the singular influence this year has had and will have on all our lives. For some, it will be a blip in our memories, while for others it will have enduring, life-changing consequences. As we face the future, we are all, at least temporarily, masked heroes. The program features pieces easily associated with “masks.” The William Tell Overture, more familiar as the Lone Ranger Theme, will open our program, followed by Critter Crawl, originally programmed as a nod to Halloween, which would have been just two weeks before the original concert date. 

The Incredibles music will conjure up great scenes from the beloved super hero movie, and Fum, Fum, Fum is a Spanish traditional Christmas theme, added to the program in honor of our upcoming celebrations. And, of course, we couldn’t present a program with this theme without adding in music from The Mask of Zorro, the iconic movie of heroes and villains.

Next, the Youth Symphony’s program will seem eclectic, pops music from our canceled April concert, and concerto winners from our August auditions, and something just for fun in honor of the season.

Salute to Broadway will be first, a trip down memory lane with several nostalgic favorites. If you feel like singing (quietly) along, go ahead!

Our two concertos will be next. Elizabeth Archuleta’s piece, the Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A, might also be familiar to you. It’s a very well-known piece. We are proud to present this, especially this year when our orchestra is a little smaller, and more conducive to performing Mozart!

Kai Bowen’s piece, the Cello Concerto by Camille Saint-Saëns, is a conversation between the cello and the orchestra. Notice the opening passage and how often it gets passed back and forth between the solo cello, the strings, the different woodwind instruments. We are so pleased to have both of these soloists this year! Later in the year, we will feature the soloist who didn’t get to perform last year! What an crazy situation!

Our next piece will be Star Wars Through the Years, a romp through time, including themes old and new. John Williams’ music is always a challenge. His rhythms and timing are complicated – more that you think when you’re passively listening in the theatre! We have learned great things from this piece and hope you enjoy it in a deep, Star Wars fashion!

As an added finale, we will be closing our concert with Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson. Come with us down that snowy trail, listen for the sleigh bells, the clip clopping of the horses, and the crack of the whip.

Thank you for making history with us today! At this time especially, the mental, emotional, spiritual and musical health of our youth are so important, and we deeply believe in what we’re doing, enough to be contact tracing the audience so we could put on a live performance!


Elizabeth Archuleta

Elizabeth Archuleta is a junior at Venture High School, and plays in the school band directed by Cindy Child. Cindy has been Elizabeth's teacher since she started on the clarinet in the sixth grade in the school's beginning band. Since then, music has become Elizabeth's passion and it's what she wants to pursue. She plans on taking a dual degree program in clarinet performance and music education, to be able to share music with others.

She has played in honor ensembles with Utah State University, Southern Utah University, and Weber State University.  She loves meeting people who are connected through music, who she would never have met otherwise. There is a connection we all have through music that is like no other. To be able to perform with the orchestra is such a privilege, and she sincerely thanks every member for being there to play with her.

    She would like to give a special thanks to her parents for always supporting her music journey in every way they can, being there for the long drives across the state for performances and practices, and especially handling the late-night practices that we know keep them awake. Also, a very special thanks to Mrs. Cindy Child, who always supported Elizabeth and provided her nearly all of her music opportunities. Without this mentor, Elizabeth knows she would never have discovered her love for music in the way that she has and she is so grateful to her teacher, for always encouraging her, believing in her, and showing her how wonderful music is.


Nikei “Kai” Bowen

Kai Bowen has been playing cello for five years and currently studies under Daniel Pack. This will be his third year playing with NUYS.

 Kai is a senior at DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts and has been enrolled since 7th grade. He has been section leader for the school's orchestra for four years, as well as section leader for NUYS for two years. Kai also played with Ogden Youth Symphony for three years, and was section leader for one of those three years.

 Aside from youth orchestras, Kai competed at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in the Minstrel category for three years and has won third overall, as well as a specialized award for Exceptional Performance in an ensemble. Kai also competed in DASA's solo ensemble festival, along with ASTA at Weber State, where he received superior ratings. Kai also had the opportunity to be a part of the band in his school's productions of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Hello Girls.

 Kai enjoys the arts, both performing and visual, and plans to major in cello performance and double minor in ceramics with an emphasis on sculpture and 2D art studio.

 Finally, Kai would like to thank Ian Marshall, Layy Salais, Daniel Pack, Dr. Moreno, Adam Slee, and many other teachers and mentors for motivating and pushing him to become a better musician throughout his cello experience. And most of all, he would like to thank his family for their unconditional love and support.

 (Concerto Soloists for this season were selected from concerto auditions in August 2019.)


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Upcoming Events ~ Save These Dates!

NUYS & NUYCO Concert

Saturday, February 27th, 2021, Mount Logan Middle School, Time TBA

NUYS & NUYCO Concert

Thursday, April 29th, 2021, Box Elder High School

Still to be finalized. This is our date if they allow us in.


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