06 November 2020

Questions - NUYS

I have had two questions and I'll answer them here in case others are wondering

1. The reason for a limit of 4 audience members per participant came from the size of the auditorium, the number of people participating in the concert on stage, and a number of back and forth negotiations (I talked them up from 2). If you are desperate for an extra seat, we may be able to accommodate. Please mention it in the comments section of the form. If you are NOT going to use all four seats, please request only the number you will be using. 

2. We do not have plans to broadcast or record the concert at this point. Nearly all the pieces we will be performing (exception: concertos) require licensing to live stream, and additional licensing to record. Contact me TODAY if you want to help with this effort. We would also need additional funding and a volunteer to actually do the live stream or recording. We are members of ASCAP and as such we are on the radar of the copyright people.

And a request. Please communicate among yourselves before registering a group. I already have multiple groups registered for one performer! 

Don't forget, I need an army of volunteers to usher and check people in and strike the stage.

See y'all tomorrow unless you are sick or quarantined!!!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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