06 November 2020

*Please Read* Announcements & Rehearsal Schedule - NUYCO

Hello families! 

Please read this entire email. There is important information here for you!

Our concert is Saturday, November 14, at 2 PM at Ogden High School. If you have questions about what is happening after reading this entire email, please let me know!

Registration for the audience
We are ready for your guests to register for the concert. The limit is 4 guests per performer. You may have them register in more than one group, so if you have 2 people who are still socially distant from 2 other people, you would have them register in 2 different groups, but under your name as the performer. Each group's contact person's name will be entered on the auditorium map after that group is seated. That, combined with the registration, will constitute our contact tracing. 

The reason for a limit of 4 audience members per participant came from the size of the auditorium, the number of people participating in the concert on stage, and a number of back and forth negotiations (I talked them up from 2). If you are desperate for an extra seat, we may be able to accommodate. Please mention it in the comments section of the form. If you are NOT going to use all four seats, please request only the number you will be using. 

Please communicate among yourselves before registering a group. 

We do not have plans to broadcast or record the concert at this point. Nearly all the pieces NUYS will be performing (exception: concertos) require licensing to live stream, and additional licensing to record. Contact me or Julie TODAY if you want to help with this effort. We would also need additional funding and a volunteer to actually do the live stream or recording. We are members of ASCAP and as such we are on the radar of the copyright people.

Adult Volunteers - 8 before, 5 after
We need 8 volunteers beforehand: 3 ushers for the main floor, 2 ushers for the balcony, and 3 check-in people in the hallway. 

The 3 in the hallway will check groups in, assuring they have registered. They will each need a google sheets app on their phone. Here is the app for Android. Here is the app for iPhone.

Each usher will be responsible for a section of the auditorium to map out where each group is sitting. They will be given a clipboard with a map to mark, and they will speak with each group and write the identifying information. 

All of these volunteers need to be in the building by 12:30 pm to coordinate efforts. 

5 cleanup volunteers will be needed at the end to strike the stage. 

They will stack chairs and stands and put everything away. It is going to be very important to do this in a timely manner as there is another event coming in right behind us. 

NUYCO Arrival Time
12:00 arrive at OHS, set up, warm up
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm NUYCO Dress Rehearsal (wear your concert attire so we can take photos)
1:00 to 1:45 pm Seating of groups, as described above
2:00 to 3:15 pm Concert

Guest Arrival Time
Please instruct your guests to arrive between 1:00 and 1:30 pm, and to plan to be in their seats by 1:45 pm, 15 minutes before the 2 pm concert start time. If social distancing is impossible in the hallway, groups may have to wait patiently outside, Costco-at-the-beginning-of-the-pandemic style. Volunteers in the hall may walk up the line, checking in the groups as they arrive, for better social distancing and faster seating. 

Do you think it'll work? It'll take a miracle! (JK) :) 

Here is the link to the audience registration form. Please have your group(s) fill it out asap.

To volunteer as ushers, check-in people, or cleanup crew, click here and sign up on the spreadsheet. 


Now, for NUYCO rehearsal information!

Rehearsal tomorrow will be at Promontory from 9:45-11:15. Just normal time, no extensions.

Two people in my (Josie) household have tested positive for COVID. Therefore, very very sadly, I will not be at rehearsal tomorrow OR the concert. :( Julie, the NUYS manager, will take my place as the viola specialist and will handle all questions and organization at Ogden High. Thank you, Julie!

Immediately following the concert, Julie will collect ALL the NUYCO folders and the music inside. If your NUYCO member will be unable to attend the concert, please let me know ASAP so Julie can get your folder beforehand. We will then take a break for November 21 and 28. Happy Thanksgiving!

Our first rehearsal of the new concert season will be December 5, same time, same place. We will rehearse on the 12th and 19th as well, take two weeks off for Christmas, and return on January 9.

You made it to the end! Hooray! 10 points to you. Best of luck to all the NUYCO members at the concert!

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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