16 October 2020

Tomorrow's Rehearsal - NUYS


YES we have rehearsal tomorrow. If you are in town, be there!

And if you are not in town, please let me know. Best way? Attendance form. 😉

Our rehearsal schedule for tomorrow will look much like last week:
8:00 Doors Unlock
8:20 Find your seat, prepare for sectionals, warm up
8:30 Strings all together in the gym, with Woodwinds and Brass in their usual places
9:25 Dismiss sectionals
9:30 Full rehearsal, Star Wars, Broadway, Saint-Saens, and Mozart
11:00 Clean up
11:30 Doors lock 

If you need to prop the outside door to arrive or leave, please close it again out of respect for the utility costs of the school.

NEXT WEEK, Oct 24, plan to stay until 12:30 if you can! We will have TShirts to hand out and we'll take some pictures and play some games! Plan to bring a snack to share. We will work out the social distancing, etc, so we can at least do that much, since we canceled retreat. (For those of you who are new, retreat is where we always hand out TShirts!)

FOLLOWING WEEK, Oct 31, our rehearsal date falls on Halloween! Costumes are welcome, and we may have a social hour after rehearsal as well, so stay tuned. 

Hoping everyone's fall break is enjoyable!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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