22 October 2020

This Saturday - Rehearsal and Activity - NUYS


This Saturday is going to be great!

We will start as normal with our rehearsal, but there will be T-Shirts ready for you, and we encourage you to put them on (over whatever you are wearing, or go change into them but don't leave clothing in the bathrooms). We will be taking group pictures with Tshirts after rehearsal. 

We don't expect the weather to be warm, so the pictures (with instruments) will likely be indoors, but be alert for instructions!

We will then share snacks 
This is POT LUCK! If you bring a snack, be sure it's individually wrapped to keep everyone safe. I will be bringing something homemade and individually wrapped too! There are nearly 60 people in the orchestra. 

After snacks, we will have get-to-know-you activities headed up by Andrew Watkins (our brass specialist). 

Expect the activity to end between 12:15 and 12:30.

Here's the agenda:
8:00 Doors Unlock, come early to help set up! The shirt you chose will be labeled and on your chair
8:20 Warm up, prepare for sectionals
8:30 Sectionals as follows: 
String sectionals, all together in the gym, focus on concertos
Woodwinds and brass in their regular areas
9:15 Head for full rehearsal
9:20 Full rehearsal, ending with Star Wars (so our Harpist can come later and stay for the party)
11:00 Activities:
Picture with instruments
Then: Put away instruments, clean up rehearsal, share snacks
Then: Get-to-know-you games
About 12:15 or 12:30 Expect activities to end
12:30 Doors lock

YES there is rehearsal on Halloween, and you are welcome to wear a costume, if you like. There will be a short social opportunity on October 31st as well. 

I know this Saturday is the ACT. If you are taking the ACT, or if you are going to be absent for any other reason (sickness, quarantine, etc), please use my favorite form.... Link below. 

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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