01 October 2020

Retreat 2020 Survey and Rehearsal Announcements - NUYS


This Saturday's rehearsal has a slightly different schedule. Please note that we are starting a half hour early, and ending early, at 10 am.

Here is the plan: 
7:30 am, doors open
7:50 am, prepare for sectionals, start warming up
8:00 am, sectionals (including strings)
8:35 am, head back to the gym
8:40 am, full rehearsal - Pieces with larger instrumentation first, ending with the Cello Concerto. 
Keep working on the Mozart Clarinet Concerto at home and ask questions in sectionals. We will work on that piece next week. Wieniawski is in your folder to work on individually. 
10:00 am, rehearsal ends
10:30 am, doors lock

Thanks ahead of time for your very quick response to the survey below, regarding the retreat! Responses needed before this Monday!

Please be aware that tuition is due (today, actually). Forms for payment and medical release can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Calendar heads-up: We have a firm date for our February concert, on the 27th, at Mount Logan Middle School. and.... We have a "tentative" date for the April concert. (Tentative in quotes because they are not officially scheduling the auditorium for April yet, but when (hopefully) they do, this will be our date.) It's Thursday, April 29. :)

See you Saturday! Remember, if you are feeling sick or have been quarantined from contact tracing, Stay Home! The Attendance form link is, as always, in the signature of this email. 


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Retreat 2020 Survey
Our retreat has been a highlight yearly since 2010. It usually runs for 24 hours, and this year is scheduled from 5 pm on Friday, October 23, to 5 pm on Saturday, October 24, which enables people to drive to and from the camp's remote location in the daylight. Camp UTABA http://camputaba.org/ is in the north end of the Ogden Valley. Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/aDceY9efPnWPjYwt8

At Camp UTABA, they cook for us and we make music. We gather Friday, have dinner, a rehearsal, and play get-to-know-you games, then sleep in cabins. On Saturday, we have breakfast, a rehearsal, skits, lunch, a cleaning session, another rehearsal, and then a final sweep up before heading home. Included are several well-loved outdoor activities: Carpet Ball, a Giant See-saw thing with springs under the center, and, of course, the great outdoors.

This year, the camp hosts have been working closely with the Weber County Health Department. Several bunk beds have been removed from each cabin to reduce cabin capacity and enable social distancing, but they still have room for us because of the smaller orchestra this year.

The lodge where we dine and rehearse, however, does not give us the same amount of space for physical distancing that we are getting used to in the gym at Promontory School, and the get-to-know-you games may need to be changed and / or moved outdoors (for those of you who have been before, we're not sure about whack 'em - might need to play some outdoor night games instead - suggestions welcome). So, be sure to bring a coat!

The chance to get to know each other and make music together in this lovely setting with the beavers, moose, and other wildlife (sometimes skunks), has been a beloved kickoff for our season over the past decade.

We would dearly love this activity to happen, but we need to know your thoughts and intentions in regard to running it. Our date is roughly 3 weeks from now, and we need to make a decision by Monday, Oct 5.

This survey is to find out who would be committed to participating in the retreat this year, or what your level of interest is in an alternate activity.

The cost is minimal. We just pass the money on to the camp. Total cost is $55. If you don't spend the night, but eat the meals, it's $30. Meals average out to be $10 each. If we only go for Saturday we may choose to eat 3 meals, so the tentative cost would be $30. If you are on a scholarship, please understand that the scholarship does not cover the retreat. If it's still a financial burden, please talk to us. We can usually find a sponsor.

I collected a few pictures from the last couple years, so you can see a little of what it's like.


    Cabins in the background

    Captionless Image

    Carpet Ball

    Captionless Image

    Lodge in the Background

    Captionless Image


    Captionless Image


    Captionless Image

    Giant See-Saw

    Captionless Image
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Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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