28 October 2020

Rehearsal Time Change - NUYCO

Hi families! 

Extended Rehearsal: Maestro West has asked for an extended rehearsal on Saturday. We will start rehearsing at 9:15 AM and will finish at the normal time, 11:15 AM. We will cover all four pieces. The extended rehearsal is to make up for the time we usually rehearse at retreat. Rehearsal will run as follows...

9:15-10 full rehearsal
10-10:30 sectionals
10:30-11:15 full rehearsal

Of course, we will have at least one break in there. All NUYCO members are welcome to bring a non-crumbly snack to eat and a water bottle to drink. And it is Halloween - so feel free to dress up!

Private Teacher List: If you are looking for a private teacher for your child, look no further! I've created an extensive list of teachers between southeastern Idaho and northern Utah. If you would like to access the list on a laptop, use this link. If you are using a phone, use this link

Thanks for helping your NUYCO members stay committed! Our concert will really be awesome.

-- Josie Anderson | NUYCO Managing Director

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