08 October 2020

Announcements for this Saturday & Retreat decision - NUYS


We have rehearsal at our normal time again this Saturday, 8:30 to 11:00. There are several important announcements below. Please read to the end. 

Here is the planned schedule:
8:00 Doors open; set up help is appreciated
8:20 find your seat, get warmed up, prepare for sectional
8:30 Sectionals as follows:
Strings all together in the gym
Woodwinds to the right and left
Brass to the left and right
9:25 Dismiss sectionals
9:30 Full Rehearsal 
Music will be rehearsed with "shrinking" instrumentation in mind: Star Wars, Salute to Broadway, Saint-Saens, Mozart, with an emphasis for concertos in String Sectionals as well as in full rehearsal on putting together the orchestra, so the soloists may be playing a lot less.
11:00 Rehearsal Ends
11:30 Doors lock

Quick Note about tuition: Before this Saturday, we will be sending receipt confirmations if you have taken care of all your paperwork and tuition. If you haven't turned it in, or we are missing forms from you, you will also be contacted with your list of what is missing. I have only received 15 medical forms! You may turn in forms to me or to Josie; you may also turn in payments to me or to Josie. (I may be absent for all or part of the rehearsal this Saturday.)

This is also our official notice of the cancellation of this year's retreat. With only 60% responding, and only half of them willing to participate fully, and out of an abundance of caution, which it seems you are asking for, we feel that there will be more connection between musicians if we keep our activities at Promontory School this year. Remember, it's pretty great that we are doing this at all, and we are working on getting dates for next year!

Plans for alternate social activities are being made, so keep an eye on these emails. If you want to volunteer, as a youth or parent, with ideas or for facilitating activities so we can get to know each other, please let me know! 

T-shirts will still be ordered and passed out at our first social activity. (Possibly the same day as retreat would have been, Oct 24). If I don't have your t-shirt order, I will let you know when I send out tuition requests/receipts. This order needs to be placed asap!!!!

Additional heads-up. We have rehearsal on Halloween! The last time rehearsal was on Halloween, we opened it up to costumes! It was really fun. So, that will definitely be one of our social activities, and we will work out a way to have safely-served treats and a short activity after rehearsal as well. 

You are all amazing! Thank you for who you are and what you do. I love this orchestra, especially because of who's in it. 

Be well, and see you soon! Remember the routine about attendance. If you're sick or have been quarantined, don't come. Here's the attendance form


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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