05 September 2020

NUYS 2020-21 Season Audition Results - NUYS

Be sure you read these announcements, not just the list below!

Rehearsal starts NEXT SATURDAY, 12 Sept, 8:30 to 11:00 am at Promontory School.  Please come early. You will be in charge of sanitizing your own stand and chair both before and after rehearsal. Seating will involve some experimentation as we work to evolve anticipated sound issues melded with social distancing. Because of the smaller group this year, we have enough music stands for everyone to have their own stand without sharing in the strings (for both orchestras). If you prefer to bring your own stand each week that's fine too, but no one needs to. 

NUYCO (Chamber Orchestra) will be rehearsing at a shifted time this year (to minimize contact). They will start at 9:45 and end at 11:15. Their audition list will be sent out separately.

The audition packet is traditionally handed out at in-person auditions, so I'm nervous you haven't looked at it. Please read it! It includes the following: A printable calendar, your Acceptance, Release and Payment form (to turn in with payment, or if you are paying via online check or some other way, to turn in separately), Membership Info, Rules and Policies, and a Medical Release Form. 

At long last, here is the seating list! Please keep checking your email this week to stay informed as we prepare for our first rehearsal.

If you have played with us before and you have mentioned you are planning to audition, we have included you on the list with an asterisk (*) with the assumption you will still make a video or audio recording and send it in. As the list changes over the next week, it will be revised on this blog post as well. If you have not played with us before (including NUYCO), we have not included you on the list as we await your audition.

Libby Tarbert, Principal
Kaitlyn Farr
Sarah Wilde

Alexis Jensen, Principal

Cambria Farr, Principal
Elizabeth Archuleta
*Elizabeth Beebe, Bass Clarinet
Taiten Moss, Bass Clarinet

*Ethan LaDuke
*Aaron Watkins
French Horn:
Tanner Chipman, Principal
Fabricio Garcia
Daniel Curtis

Milton Farr

Owen Snedaker. Principal
Dawson Pitcher
Jarin Oxborrow
Isaac Byrnes 

Parker Rowan

Maddox Lister, Principal
Brody Lister
Rocky Myers

Rose Nicholson

1st Violin:                    
Natalie Nef, Concertmaster          
Hugues Herpin Lemmonier
Sarah Jeppson
Eliziabeth Black
Cassie Smith
Quin Powell
Megan McLaws
Jeremy Gerritsen

2nd Violin:
Bethany Christensen
Kinley Hyatt
Evelyn Cazier
Jacob Lund
Maddison Griffin
Stephen Hales
Audrie Browne
Elizabeth Duncan
James Craner

Talmage Kay
EmmaLee Folsom
Sariah Hansen
Preston Hindman
Ashley Freeze
Eden Emerson
Erik Petersen

Kai Bowen
Ally Bruner
Abby Quintana
Erika Hankins
Corbin Sealy
Silvia Schmit

Benjamin Rich

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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