11 September 2020

Announcements for Tomorrow's Rehearsal! - NUYS


It's the beginning of a strange but wonderful year! I just know it! That must be why this email is so long. I'm sorry! I've worked on it all day!

This Week's Storm
Tomorrow is our first rehearsal. We are grateful that Promontory School never lost power, and all is well there. We hope all who were affected by the storm are okay, and that you all have your power back on. A lot of trees came down! Some areas look like a war zone!

Email list
I have done my best to remove you from this email list if you have made no contact with me this season. If you are still on the list and need to be removed, please reply and let me know. 

If you are going to miss a rehearsal, please use our attendance form. There is a link in the signature on every group email (see below!), and a tab on the website. You can fill out the attendance form multiple times for whichever Saturdays you already know you are going to be absent, too. Cross Country Meets, Marching band, family weddings, ACT Tests, etc. Having everyone listed in the same place on the same spreadsheet is enormously helpful to me. You can use this form anytime, even if you wake up sick in the morning. I get an email each time someone responds. 

Rehearsal for tomorrow will be
Front doors open at 8 am, so if you want to come help set up, you are welcome!
Seating and Individual warm up: 8:20 am. Music will be on stands, and musicians will need to get their own chairs. Musicians will take their folders home at the end of the day.
Rehearsal begins: 8:30 am.
No sectionals this week. We are sight reading, and experimenting with placement and sound. 
Music will be rehearsed in the following order. Musicians without parts may leave when they are done. We will spend the most time on the first two pieces. We will end by 11:00 am.
Star Wars Through the Years
Instrumentation - All strings, woodwinds, brass & percussion, Harp & Piano
Salute to Broadway
Instrumentation - All strings, woodwinds, brass & percussion, including drum set 
Saint-Saens Cello Concerto, 1st mvt
Instrumentation - Strings, Flutes, Oboe, Bassoons, Clarinet (not Bass Clarinet), French Horns, Trumpets, Timpani (no Aux Percussion, Trombone, Tuba)
Mozart Clarinet Concerto, 1st mvt
Instrumentation - Strings, Flutes, Bassoons, and French Horns only

Congrats to our concerto audition winners: Kai Bowen, Cello, and Elizabeth Archuleta, Clarinet, who will be performing on this first concert.

Sanitization & Health
Sanitization will include wiping stands and chairs and anything else we touch (tables moved, etc). We have our own bottles of sanitizer from the school. We do not need to sanitize before rehearsal. Brass, no spit valve emptying on the floor! Bring a towel or other absorbent pad. Bring your own personal water bottle & pencil.

Masks encouraged, but not required (Some instruments don't work with a mask!). You all recognize that there's some risk in doing this. Please please please stay home if you are sick! Like any kind of sick, not just Coronavirus symptoms!  

Parent Orientation Meeting will be online
Change in parent meeting: We will be conducting the parent meeting entirely online, Sept 24th, 2020, at 7 pm, and the meeting will also be recorded for later viewing. More information on accessing this meeting will be sent soon. There will be NO in-person parent meeting. 

Tuition Collection will be in person
Cathy Prows is our treasurer. She will be at the school in the hallway from 10:45 to 11:30 am on Saturday, Sept 19 and Saturday, Sept 26. Please be sure to read through the Tuition page on the website. We have also made an online payment option available through Givebutter for those who prefer it. You can pay with Venmo, Paypal, or a credit card, but there is a fee associated with the payment. 

Other ways to pay without an extra fee are to bring a check or cash, or send an online check through your bank to our PO Box. All these suggestions and details are on the tuition page. The Acceptance, Release and Payment form has also been updated to reflect the Givebutter option. 

Medical Release
We need a medical release from all participants. Please print and fill out.

Post-Audition Instructions
This is starting to sound like the Post-Audition instructions, which have been updated to reflect all the announcements above (but might be more succinct). 

If you actually read to the bottom of this email, you deserve a special prize! Thank you!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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