18 September 2020

Announcements for Sept 19 Rehearsal - NUYS


Parent Meeting
Save the date for next week's online parent meeting. A link will be sent out soon.  It will be Thursday, Sept 24 at 7 pm. 

Cathy Prows will be at the school tomorrow (Sept 19) and next week (Sept 26) from 10:45 to 11:30 to collect tuition. 

Other methods of turning in tuition include: Hand it (with the payment form) to Julie or Josie, mail it with a check and the payment form to the PO Box 236, Brigham City UT 84302, pay online on our tuition page (fee will be added) and turn in your payment form separately, send an online check from your bank to the above address and turn in your form separately. 

Keep in mind that the payment form is a triple form. It covers (1) your agreement to abide by our policies, (2) your release for any photos or video we use, and (3) your payment plan, so even if you pay by some alternative method, we still need your form turned in.

Medical Forms
Medical forms must also be turned in. We need one from each musician. You may combine the form for people in the same family, if that works for you.

Rehearsal tomorrow will look like this: 
8:00 Doors unlock
8:20 warm up and get seated, prepare for sectionals
8:30 Woodwinds and Brass go to sectionals. (Woodwinds to the right then left, Brass to the left then right). If you move anything it must be put back and it also must be sanitized. Please don't touch anything that's not necessary to touch.
8:30 Strings start in the gym with Mr Dunn and will be split up for individual sectionals after about 20 minutes. Assignments will be made at the time. 
9:25 head back to the gym (Break will be later, after Chamber begins their rehearsal)
9:30 continue rehearsal. 
Order of pieces will be as follows:
Star Wars
Cello Concerto
Clarinet Concerto
This order respects the fact that some people don't play in those later pieces and can leave early. We do not know how long each piece will be rehearsed. Thank you ahead of time for being flexible.
10:45 to 11:30 Tuition collection
11:00 Rehearsal ends
11:30 Doors lock

Illness and attendance
Lastly, if you are sick or have been asked to quarantine, please stay home. Please use the attendance form (linked below) to let us know if you will not be there, or will be leaving early or arriving late, for any reason.

See you tomorrow!

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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