24 September 2020

Announcements for Sept 19 Rehearsal - NUYS


Rehearsal this Saturday:
We have the Wieniawski Violin Concerto to hand out. We may or may not play this on our first concert, but we are going to possibly look at it this week.
8:00 Doors Unlock
8:20 warm up and get seated, prepare for sectionals
8:30 sectionals - Everyone to the same place as last time, except first and second violins switch so there is more space for the larger second violin section:
Woodwind, right hallway, to the left
Brass, left hallway, to the right
Violin 1, stage/kiva room
Violin 2, right hallway, to the left
Viola, entry hall
Cello, gym
Bass, where he usually goes
9:25 head back to the gym
9:30 continue rehearsal:
Star Wars
possibly Wieniawski Violin Concerto (has trombone parts, thus the rehearsal order)
Cello Concerto
Clarinet Concerto
10:45 to 11:30 Tuition Table with Cathy Prows
11:00 rehearsal ends
11:30 doors lock (Do NOT prop the doors open - we need to be good citizens which includes not driving up utility bills! You will not get locked out until 11:30.)

Quick reminders that we need all your forms turned in:

And we'll see you at the Parent Orientation Meeting tonight at 7pm!
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See you Saturday! Don't forget to use the attendance form if you need to!

Let me know if you have questions!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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