15 August 2020

Concerto Auditions

Dear fellow musicians,

I can only imagine you've had a long day waiting for this. Can I just tell you how wonderful it was to see you and to listen to you play this morning? Wow! I'm sure we could not count the hours that went into your preparation for this morning, but as a fellow musician, I do have some idea.

The decision by our judges today has been based on overall performance in the audition itself. This result is a reflection of having to judge musical performances. Since music is so subjective and judging has to somehow be objective, the judges have to take into consideration just what they see that day, including accompaniment etc, even though they might know other details that affect your journey.

That said, you are all spectacular! Every year we wish we could choose everyone. 

But we can't. And this year might be even stranger, because we are choosing people and then hoping to have everything work out so there will be performances. 

Disclaimer: If you "won" today, you still won, even if something gets in the way of putting on a concert and you don't get the expected prize of performing with the orchestra. 

We are doing everything we can to make it happen, however! 

Our winners who should expect to perform with the orchestra this year are... 

Elizabeth Archuleta
Kai Bowen

Honorable mention (possibility for performing) 

Talmage Kay

Since we have to wait and see how many people and what kind of instrumentation we have in the orchestra, we have not planned which concert you will each be performing on. Natalie Nef will also be performing this year since she won last year and would have played the April concert. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


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