29 August 2020

Audition Follow-Up Continued

Hi Everyone!

If you are new to this list, welcome! And thank you for your continued patience! If you want to see other emails that have been sent before you were added, they are on the blog part of the website (the home page). 

We will publish a list soon, hopefully early next week, which will include everyone who has made it and submitted their audition, so far.

At this point right now, we have 39 who have auditioned, and 12 more who have contacted me, or filled out the membership form, but haven't submitted their audition yet. If you haven't submitted your audition by the time we publish the list, we will have to add you to the list later!

It will also be super helpful to hear everyone play so we can solidify our program for the first concert! Ogden High is still allowing us to perform there, as long as we follow all the health dept rules. :)

Do you still need to fill out a membership form, record an audition, share a link, choose a T-Shirt? You can do all those things on the NUYS Auditions page on the website!

Do you need help with this process? Let me know! I'll do whatever I can - tech help, answer questions, etc! Reply to this email, text or call (435.740.4335).

**Do you need to be removed from this list? Please reply and let me know. I don't want to be driving anyone crazy!**

Have a great day!


Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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