10 August 2020

Audition Deadline Reminder

Hello! This is a friendly reminder that the NUYCO and NUYS audition deadline is next Saturday, August 22!  Auditions will be accepted after that date, and in fact are ongoing throughout the year, but seating may not be optimal since the process of making seating assignments will have already begun. Remember, we are only accepting online auditions, preferably by uploaded video!

The NUYCO Audition page has been updated with new instructions and with audition excerpts. We are looking towards augmenting audition information with sample solo repertoire for those who need suggestions. Since this is not set up yet, please contact us if your student needs suggestions for solo music for their audition.  

Feel free to look back at the "NUYCO is Back!" email from July 30 for more information, or email me with questions. Thank you!

Important Links: 

NUYCO Audition Page

Membership Form

Sample Script for your Video

Video Upload Form

Post-Audition Instructions Page

Facebook Page  

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