30 July 2020

This year! It's happening!


We are excited to present a plan to open up our 2020-21 season! 

Graduates: If you will be in the area, contact us about playing as an adult volunteer! Or, just forward this email to all your friends who would like to play with us! We will miss you!

Everyone else: Having had many inquiries regarding the possibility of an upcoming season, we have decided to go ahead with it, and proceed with caution. Promontory school is allowing us to use our regular rehearsal space, and we have scheduled our first rehearsal for September 12th. Tuition will not be collected until the week after the first rehearsal. 

We recognize that there are some who will choose not to join us this fall, or even for the whole year, and we respect that choice. We would love to hear from you, however, if you would like to remain on the email list to keep your future options open. Just reply to this email and let us know.

In order to delay personal contact with each other as long as possible, we will be accepting auditions exclusively online, preferably via uploaded video. Priority deadline for auditions will be Saturday, August 22nd. Auditions will be accepted after that date, and in fact are ongoing throughout the year, but your seating may not be optimal since the process of making seating assignments will have already begun. 

We will do our best to make our rehearsals COVID compliant. We will set up our rehearsal spaces with as much physical distancing as possible. String players will be asked to bring a music stand to facilitate physical distancing by eliminating sharing a stand with a partner. We should have enough stands for all the wind and brass players. Those who can wear masks without interfering with their playing or their health are encouraged, but not required, to do so. Everyone entering the building will be required to wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival and we will keep a bottle of sanitizer available, but please plan to bring your own.

The NUYCO and NUYS Audition pages have been updated with new instructions and with audition excerpts. We are looking towards augmenting audition information with sample solo repertoire for those who need suggestions. Since this is not set up yet, please contact us if you need suggestions for solo music for your audition.  

I'd also like to take this opportunity to  introduce our new Chamber Orchestra Managing Director! Josie Anderson will be familiar to you since she's been my assistant over the last couple years. She will still be helping me, and will be around more often as she takes on a more substantial role with Chamber. Welcome once again, Josie! You rock!

Important Links: 

On the NUYS Audition Page:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Thank you for your patience as we have worked this out!

Have a great day!

Mr Dunn

Julie Gardner | NUYS Managing Director

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