11 May 2020

NUYS Followup... And a Request!


You are all wonderful! How I wish things hadn't ended the way they did for the 2019-2020 season! Going through folders made me sad!

My Request to You:
Could you record yourself, video or audio, for a few seconds or a few minutes, talking about who you are, what you play, and why you love the youth symphony, why you give up sleeping in on Saturday mornings for Classical Music, about the friends you've made, or the great music we've played! Whatever you would say to convince your friends to join!

End your recording with "Come Play With Us!" if you like. ... Then, just send it in to me! I will use clips to make a recruiting video! So Fun!

Photos & Certificates:
If you ordered a photo at Abravanel Hall, you should have received it in the mail by now. 

If you are graduating this year, you should have also received a certificate. 

Please please let me know if you should have received either a picture or certificate and did not! My greatest anxiety is that I'll miss honoring someone!

If we had been able to perform our concert on April 23, we would have had 25 students lined up across the stage, bidding them farewell as they graduate from High School. We will deeply miss you all!

Adult Volunteers Play for Free: 
If you are a graduate and you are still around and would like to play with us, come back as an adult volunteer!

Music Roundup needs to be complete this week:
I drove the long loop Saturday and collected all music folders that had been turned in. I came home and sorted folders, then went through both spreadsheets and checked in everyone's music. THANK YOU to everyone who turned in their folders last week! 

There are still 18 folders missing from NUYS and 14 missing from NUYCO. 

The Music Roundup will continue for this week, but only at Promontory School 9am to 2 pm, and at my house, 2800 S 1200 W, Perry, anytime. 

I will work through the spreadsheet and send personal emails and text messages to all students who have not turned in a folder according to my records, but you probably know if you still have your folder. You have until the end of this week! Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation. 

Concerto Auditions:
If you are working on a concerto and plan to audition, I need to know about your intentions asap! Thank You! :)

God bless! Be well! Here's to the possibility of NORMAL!

PS A Bit of History: Here is a link to our OLD OLD OLD recruiting video. The last one we made. It's rather funny, actually! And really OLD! I promise with your help, I'll make a better one!


02 May 2020

NUYCO & NUYS Music Folder Roundup

Hi Everyone! 

It's time to round up our music folders! 

When: Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th (Josie, Jenny & I will pick up boxes on Saturday)

Where: Lots of places! North Logan, Hyrum, Tremonton, Honeyville, Perry, Pleasant View, Ogden and Plain City (addresses below)

Who: Everyone who has a NUYCO or NUYS folder

What: Turn in your folder to the box at one of our several locations (addresses below). 

Also: Be sure to clean out your personal or school music and only turn in the music that belongs to NUYCO & NUYS.

So we know approximately how many to expect at each location, please fill out this form. 

Drop point locations, including google map links, listed by area:

Cache County

Box Elder County

Josie Anderson's House: 8770 UT Hwy 38, Honeyville, UT 84314

Promontory School is open from 9 am to 2 pm and will also have a collection box: 1027 W 2700 S, Perry UT 84302

Julie Gardner's House: 2800 S 1200 W, Perry UT 84302

Weber County

Photographs: If you ordered an Abravanel Hall Photo, I FINALLY have them! I will be mailing them to you! If you don't want to wait for the mail, you may pick them up at my house but let me know asap, before I put them in the mail. :)

Now go outside in the sunshine and play your instrument. Make it loud and wonderful for all the neighborhood! :)

Blessings for a speedy return to normal, and may you all be healthy and well,