23 April 2020

Greetings from NUYS!

Greetings from your conductor and musical director!

First off, I hope everyone is well! I hope you are able to get through all of your online school work and still have a smile on your face! Being a school teacher, it has been quite a challenge for me. Especially doing orchestra through a computer. I am having to be creative on top of creative!

To be honest with you, what I miss is the YOUTH SYMPHONY! Those Saturday mornings are the highlight of my week. Yes, we were mostly tired from a busy week and would sometimes rather sleep in. But now that it has been temporarily suspended, WE ALL MISS IT! I was really looking forward to this concert (that would have taken place this evening). It would be great to play the Conus Violin Concerto with Natalie, and some fun pops music. Julie and I have decided that this concert will still happen in the next season.

But rather than focus on what could have been, I want to focus on the fantastic rehearsals and performances we all enjoyed this past season! I am still hearing great compliments on the concert in February. It was an honor to perform the "Lark Ascending" with the symphony that I have conducted for over eight years. Rebecca did an incredible job, as did Ashley in November. BRAVO!  Life's great moments for me are standing on the podium and conducting you, the Northern Utah Youth Symphony! It is an awesome experience – and a thrill to conduct Dvorak, Mendelssohn, and Holst. I honor all of you for your great contribution and accomplishments with our symphony. I felt particularly proud at our Abravanel Hall performance this year.

I want to honor those graduating seniors! Many of you have been with us for many years. Thank you for those years of dedication with the symphony. Thank you to those who performed the "Messiah" with us. I will miss you! Make sure you stay in touch, and if any of you would like to come back and play with us again, PLEASE do so.

I look forward to next season! I can't wait to get into more of the great musical literature. Make sure you audition and play with us next year! And please help us by talking to fellow musicians. We are always recruiting! I also need to let Julie know how much we appreciate her hard work too. I miss you all and wish you all the best. Stay Well!    

Mr. Dunn 


And greetings from me, Julie, as well. I just can't believe tonight was going to be our concert and everything is simply shut down, including our happy youth symphony program. 

  1. We are still waiting for pictures from the photographer at Abravanel Hall. I'm sure life has been just as weird for her as for all the rest of us. I have to admit I'm feeling impatient! When we do receive them, we will set up collection points for music and bring your photos so we can trade. If you didn't order a picture, you'll still need to turn in your music & folder. Watch your email for more info!
  2. If you would like to host a collection point for your area, please let me know. It would entail having a sheltered porch with a box. :)
  3. We will still be holding concerto auditions this August, on the 15th. We will, however, only be choosing 2 candidates since we were unable to have Natalie perform her piece this year and we plan on her performing next season.
  4. We will still be holding membership auditions on August 22nd. This is our in-person audition date. We are currently working on updating our audition requirements, resources, and excerpts. We will let you know when it's all up and running so you can invite your friends!
  5. We are so so so sorry that we cannot plan anything this summer with any kind of confidence. :(
Thanks for being so awesome! I miss you all sooooo much!



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